Friday , April 23 2021

We publish the 40 Cairo Film Festival schedule on the small stage

Cairo International Film Festival organizes the first stage of the 40th Cairo International Film Festival. The festival will be held on 21-28 November.

The small theater, Wednesday 21 November, presents the French film "Prayer" at 12.00, the movie "Amra and the second wedding" directed by Mohamed Sabbagh, 3:30 AM, "Ica" by Sergey Dvortsivoy, 6 o'clock and the Danish-Swedish film "The Border" at 21:00.

On Thursday, November 22, the small scene presents the Roman film "Alice T" at 12.00, Moroccan film "Laaziza" at 3:30 pm, the Argentine film "The Sunni Thief" at 18:00 and the Italian film "Put Grandma in the Freezer" 21.00.

On Friday, November 23, the small theater will present Spanish film "Safafat" at 12.00, Lebanese movie "Paradise Without People" at 3:30 and "Tars, Invisible Fragrance" by Ghassan Halawani at 6 o'clock, American "Galveston" at 21:00.

On Saturday, November 24, the small scene will feature the Spanish film "Sad Hill Unearthed" at 12.00, "Prince of Chennaoui", "Kilo 64" at 3:30, "Candelaria" at 6 o'clock and the Argentine movie "Florianopolis Dream" . Nine o'clock

On Sunday, November 25, the small theater presents the French film "Treat Me Like Fire" at 12.00, the French-Moroccan movie "Jahilya" at 3:30, the movie "Woman in War" by director Daniel Irlingson at 18.00, "Nancy" at nine o'clock in the evening

Monday the 26th of November the little theater presents the French film "The State Against Mandela and The Other" at 12.00, "Fawz Samoum" by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh at 3:30 and "Sophia" by Mariam Ben Mubarak, Evening and Brazilian film "Sultry "at 21:00.

Tuesday the 27th of November the little theater presents the Danish film "A happy man" at 12.00, "Good morning" by Bahij Hagej at 3:30, Babes Makridis "Chafah" at 6 o'clock, "Alone" at my wedding "21 o'clock

The small theater, Wednesday 28 November, ends with the French film "2 hours from Paris" at 12.00, Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud's "Fatwa" at 3:30, the Belgian film "Dissonance" at 6.00, "Domestique" at 21.00

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