Wednesday , October 27 2021

Hundreds of tigers from Amhara Region arriving in Gedaref, Sudanese officially confirmed


Most of the evicted people are children older and women, including pregnant and nursing women.


Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Morethan 400 Tigreans have arrived in eastern Gedaref, after the regional government officials Amhara have caused mass emissions, Sudan Tribune (ST) confirmed Sudan's Refugee Commission.

Sudanese refugee commissioner Hamad al-Gizouli told ST that the victims of the expulsion have entered Sudan through the crossing points Gallabat and Metemma between the two countries.

Sudan's official expected that further influx of evicted people would come to Sudan in the next few days, saying among 400, there were 181 children and 100 women including pregnant and nursing women.

Al-Gizouli added that they have agreed with UNHCR and UNICEF to give landmen ready meals and medical help.

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