Thursday , February 25 2021

After his abuse with Kevin Durant, Draymond Green left the sidelines …

Stephen Curry will not be the only absent Warriors side tonight against Hawks, because according to The athleticSteve Kerr decided to do without Draymond Green!

According to our colleagues, but also ESPN and Yahoo! Sport is a direct response to the alteration with Kevin Durant at the end of the usual time in the match against Clippers. According to ESPN, the confusion had not been as innocent as it would have been extended in the storage space after the defeat.

Worse, according to The Athletic, Green would have used hanging to hold Durant on the free agency that would come. He would also have insulted it, and it was the other warriors who would have defended Durant in the locker room. ESPN also talks about recent rights in recent years in the Golden State.

Anyway, Kerr thought it was better for Green to go back and calm himself so he chose to leave him on the bench tonight.

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