Wednesday , October 27 2021

Ajaccio: This recycling machine that earns euros


Quiet machine. Or, kiosk if you prefer. Mounted at Carrefour Finosello on the ring road before reaching the shelves, this machine has a dual advantage: it enables both customers from the supermarket to recycle plastic bottles and small aluminum cans, and on the other hand it rewards this citizen's gesture by distributing euros in the form of coupons.

"In fact, this machine allows the Cycleen company to get rid of its bottles or cans when shopping. When filing is registered, it identifies the format and automatically sorts to facilitate the task of the body. Most importantly, it issues a coupon for use in the supermarket, two cent the big bottle and a small dime. It's a citizenship campaign dedicated to the environment and also allows some people to get some money back and if it is done daily, the amount can of course be relatively important "explains Sandra Piazza d'Olmo, Deputy Director of Carrefour Finosello.

The collection made by Capa

It is through the waste crisis on the island, and thus in Ajaccio, that the buyer's direction has considered this initiative, which is already established in northern Europe. "To be a direct and indirect actor in this problematic, we would absolutely do something and especially to provoke a snap in people who are refractory to sorting and recycling "adds the young woman.

François Filoni, Vice President of Capa, responsible for the waste problem, and hence the daily gathering, is pleased with this eco-citizenship. "I really believe that the future will show the usability of this type of initiative. All studies show it With this exercise, the total waste is multiplied by six. "

Another element mentioned to optimize the use of this machine: The studies show that for households who consume a lot of bottled water, the number of yellow bags to be deposited at the base of the buildings is sharply down.

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