Friday , April 23 2021

Amazon rang to abandon objects that hit Soviet symbols

27 MPs have asked Amazon boss to stop selling items bearing the symbols of the Soviet regime, which has made 60 million victims, they recall.

MEPs on Friday called on Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, to stop distributing via their online sales platform products with Soviet symbols, as they say, insulting the regime's victims. The call to the richest man in the world comes after US retail warrior Walmart promised in September to stop distributing clothes with hammer and sickle symbols, more to similar complaints.

60 million victims of the Soviet regime. In an open letter, 27 parliamentarians from 13 countries demanded a sale of merchandise with hammer and seal symbol representing the Soviet Union on the Amazon Inc. platform. " The authors of the conversation mention things like t-shirts, disguised costumes, flags and souvenirs. MEPs emphasize that "the total number of victims of Soviet regimes is estimated at more than 60 million", not to mention "more than 10 million people" were deported to Siberian camps where they were affected by inhumane living conditions, forced labor, famine and physical violence ".

Amazon sells in particular red t-shirts with the symbol of the hammer and the centuries of the Cyrillic alphabet "CCCP", meaning the "Soviet Union", similar to those proposed by Walmart. MEPs also said they "supported the decision of the German sportswear manufacturer Adidas to stop selling clothes with Soviet symbols since May".

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