Friday , October 22 2021

Dance with the stars: Clement Remiens injured, why does he not talk about it


With fatigue, the damage is multiplied Dance with the stars. If he did not mention it, Clément Rémiens hurt himself. The young actor explained to us why he was very discreet about it.

This Saturday, November 17, the TF1 will send the quarterfinals Dance with the stars. After seven weeks of competition, the candidates in the ninth season see the end approaching quickly. They are only four to hope to win the trophy. but with fatigue, damage multiplies. Terence Telle was also benefited from an exceptional package due to his cervical injury. While returning to his form, it is his competitors who have to deal with small wounds. Thus, Iris Mittenaere and Héloïse Martin revealed social networks that suffer from certain diseases.

How about Clement Remiens? If he did not reveal it to his fans, this former basketball player has done well. " He is injured right now ", Told us his partner Denitsa Ikonomova at a press conference on Friday, November 16." I had small problems in my shoulder "Modestly confirmed who already leaves with a slight handicap compared to his competitors. However, this" war injury "actually seems more painful and important than he admits. And for good reason, his partner says that " all week, (they have not) done any ".

" My shoulder hurts It's getting better and better, it's down to the coast, but it's okay , Ended up having the actor Tomorrow belongs to us, although he wants to be very calming. Denitsa Ikonomova releases the young single " had trouble breathing sometimes "If Clement, who has a nice relationship with her grandfather, decided not to mention her injury, it's good reason." I do not feel like complaining or complaining He let go. For the most part he does not want to " to apologize If his performance is bad. This is unlikely to happen. Since the beginning of the adventure, this young man is 21 years old among the favorites. And this, despite a busy schedule with the movie of Tomorrow belongs to us. Independently, Clement Remiens has everything to please.

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