Wednesday , October 20 2021

Goji berries: be careful, they are rich in pesticides


According to a study of Test Purchasing Magazine revealed by 60 million consumers: Goji berries are not good for health.

Super antioxidants, anti-inflammatory virtues, full of vitamins that are important to the immune system, good for hair and nail growth … We can not say good enough things about goji berries. But a new study published in Test Achats and forwarded by 60 million consumers reveals that they are also full of pesticides.

Pesticides in organic goji berries

According to the results of the Belgian study, 15 packings of Goji berries contained: 10 traces of pesticides. And 4 of them, quantities exceeding the European regulatory limit. The height of the discovery: 3 of these products are stamped organic. In this regard, 60 million consumers remind that the organic label does not prevent the use of certain phytosanitary products.

The study points out that berries are often imported from their country of origin: China. Champion in high pesticide prices raises the European Food Safety Authority, according to figures released in 2016.

Having said that, this is not the first time that goji berries have been designated for their pesticide concentration in Europe. The RASFF portal introduced by the European Constitution, to list the issues regarding agricultural products, has about twenty warnings about this topic, only in the last two years.

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