Friday , March 5 2021

Judgment Day for Georges Tron, seven years after the rape charges

Bobigny – More than seven years after the matter began to lead to his departure from the government, former Secretary-General Georges Tron will know Thursday's judgment in the Court of Appeal condemning him for rape by two former employees in the local government.

The Advocate General Wednesday ordered six years in prison against Georges Tron compared to Greek Dracula as "vampire their victimsFour years in prison have been demanded against her former cultural assistant, Brigitte Gruel, who was sentenced by her side since October 23 at the Seine-Saint-Denis meeting.

The Advocate General also requested that they be declared incompatible for five years and was recorded in the Act on Sexual Acts.

The floor will be given one last Thursday morning to the elected representative of Essonne and his former assistant.

During the four weeks of the debate, the respondents, 61 years, have both continued to claim their virginity, to confirm that "grudge"Previous employees had been used by their very fair local opponents.

Virginie Ettel and Éva Loubrieu, 41 and 44, accuse them of bringing together touch and digital penetration between 2007 and 2010.

The scandal forced Georges Tron to resign on 29 May 2011 from his position as State Secretary for the Fillon Government. Former deputy, he is still Mayor (LR) in Draveil and county council.

In the absence of material constituents, of DNA type and of direct witness, the debates were based essentially on dozens of testimonies, which gave rise to an unpacking where words were spoken.

– "Tron system"-

Georges Tron only acknowledges a "flirt"with an ex-parliamentary attaché and an extra-romantic relationship – still underway – with her assistant Urbanism Sylvie Doncarli.

For the Advocate General, the elected representative hasabused his power with his subordinates"then tried"Police a pure sexual affair"condemns a plot.

His requisitions waited eagerly, the prosecutor always opposed the termination before the election of the elected representative and his ex-assistant. The establishment of a trial was finally decided by the Examining Chamber in 2014.

Like the civilian parties, he condemned a "Tron system", where the practice of mayor in photo reflexology serves as"trap"to reach women and introduce them – gradually – more.

On Wednesday, lawyers tried alternatively acquittal before a packed house.

They noted inconsistencies in the complainants' stories and their repeated contacts with the mayor's opponent.

Georges Tron's lawyer Antoine Vey condemned a "trial of rumor and amalgam"a file"built around a mythology""an accumulation of nothing".

His second lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, stormed him pell-mell against a prosecution "démago"lambasting what he considered to be ravaged by media coverage and the sacralization of the statements of women presenting themselves as victims.

The case had expired ten days after the resounding arrest in New York by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then head of the International Monetary Fund, accused of rape by a maid.

This verdict is expected one year after the Harvey Weinstein blast, followed by a worldwide wave of women's speech freed from rape, attack and sexual harassment.

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