Friday , April 23 2021

LIVE – The yellow west fills in Seine-Maritime and in Eure

Yellow vests block again The roundabouts, roads and tolls of Normandy this sunday, November 18th. Saturday's mobilization gathered 10,000 demonstrators in Seine-Maritime, a little less in Eure. Far from being satisfied, some yellow vests, angry with rising fuel prices and taxes in general, so decided to return to the ponds, again creating disturbances.

France Bleu Normandie guides you on the road this Saturday with traffic information points very regularly in the air. If you see yellow jackets block, call us 02 35 07 66 66 to share information to all listeners.

Live traffic information

Ponds, filters or not, set up in Seine-Maritime and Eure this Sunday. Here are the most important ones:

In Eure

  • At 13:30: Two "snail operations" are ongoing N154, which connects the A13 motorway to Evreux. Traffic is very disturbed on this axis.
  • Evreux : Intersection Rue de Vernon / rue Pierre Brossolette; roundabout Cocherel; roundabout Jardiland
  • Caer : rondell Leclerc
  • Brionne : The roundabout of the moon
  • Neuburg : Roundabout Leclerc
  • Heudebouville : Customs
  • Bourne : Customs
  • Louviers : Winston Churchill Avenue; roundabout by Becquet
  • Saint-Andre-de-l & # 39; Eure : to Carrefour Market
  • Conches-en-Ouche : Intermarché roundabouts
  • Fleury-sur-Andelle : Ronda of Val aux Biches
  • Bourg-Achard : Customs
  • Gaillon : crossing RD675-RD60
  • Louversey
  • Pacy-sur-Eure
  • Pont-Audemer : Competition Laundry
  • Nonancourt
  • Old Evreux

In Seine-Maritime

The score of 14 hours: fewer dusts than yesterday, about twenty remains. Two arrests early in the morning, for drivers who would force the passage (one in Rouen and one in Dieppe). Firefighters must intervene seven times in the tire and pallet fire department.

Filter dust but no total blockage

  • Rouen : rondellkyr, La Motte roundabout, Zénith roundabouts
  • Normandy Bridge : free road traffic
  • Le Havre: demonstration in front of the town hall and the Brèque roundabout
  • Octeville
  • Dieppe : Canadian roundabout
  • Elbeuf : Carnot course
  • Gruchet-le-valasse : Mjölkens rondell
  • Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc : Customs
  • Cottévrard : Customs
  • Tourville-sur-Arques : filter dust
  • Grémonville : Rondell Excalibur
  • Neuville-Ferrieres : rondellen av Super U
  • Tancarville Bridge : presence of protesters
  • Monti : near the mall
  • Gournay-en-Bray : near the mall
  • Barentin : rondell of freedom
  • Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon : near the mall

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