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Mercato: Renato Sanche's cracks in Bavaria – Football

In total failure, Renato Sanches wants to leave Bayern Munich. Frustrated by his very slow playing time, the midfielder is looking for an emergency exit to try to revive.

Mercato: Renato Sanche's cracks in Bavaria

Renato Sanche is looking for the exit.

Promises … so nothing. Renato Sanches (21) is considered one of the greatest talents in the football world and has never really managed to confirm the aspirations placed in him. Three years after his departure from Benfica to Bayern Munich, the Portuguese midfielder has not progressed.

R. Sanches – that's not a good situation for me

A situation that weighs on his morale. Still reassured by Niko Kovac for this new practice, Sanches has lost faith in his coach. The latter gave him just five minutes of play against Hertha Berlin (2-2), Friday, during the first day of the Bundesliga. What bothers the main interest.

This is not a good situation for me. This is the second time I want to go to another club and they (the leaders of Bavaria, ed) are not taking me. Five minutes of play is not enough said the Lusitan, completely disappointed with Sport1.

Another competitor with Cuisance

As bad news never comes alone, the 2016 European Champion has learned that Bayern, where he has only played 53 games since his arrival, was preparing to recruit Mickal Cuisance from BorussiaMnchengladbach. Ms. profile, two years younger, the French midfielder will be a problem more for Lisbote.

With this extra reinforcement, the door could be opened for Sanches. He should have a clear start, he who has already had a Swansea failure where he was ready in 2017-2018. With a contract expiring in June 2021, this solution seems the best fit to satisfy all parties. Estimating between 15 and 20 million euros, will the Portuguese find the taker?

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