Friday , January 22 2021

Social networks now controlled

Posing proudly during your vacation on a paradise beach, to appear alongside a luxury car: photos that will not fly away more radar of tax. As of January 2019, the administration will track these external signs of wealth on social networks. This is explained by Prime Minister Gerald Darmanin in the "Capital" broadcast on M6 Sunday, 11 November, 21st.

Only public profiles are analyzed. They enter a large database that will cross information about each taxpayer, with a warning if there is a risk of tax evasion. For this attorney this unit should allow tax authorities to catch up. "Okay today is immersed in social networks that can act as evidence in reality"says Anthony Bem. The government should invest 20 million euros in the utilization of tax information. Bercy recalls that the experiment will take place under the control of the National Commission for Information and Liberty (CNIL).

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