Saturday , May 15 2021

The change of the mother to Serena is thought to have hid in a car strain

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04:05 : Moment in the trial of the little Sérena's mother who cracked the bar while she was hammering that she never looked for her daughter.

03:35 : The question of Rosa-Maria Da Cruz, the mother of little Séréna, began at the Tulle meeting. The questions focus on the mother's vision of her daughter: Was she in denial of her birth, or did she deliberately seek to hide it?

02:54 : The hearing was resumed at the trial of Serena's mother, who lived for two years between a room in the basement and the luggage of his car. The accused's hearing must take place this afternoon after examining the video of an audition of another daughter of Rosa-Maria Da Cruz. You can follow his interrogation here and in our dedicated live.

07:22 : A hook of Tulle (Corrèze). Yesterday, for the second hearing, it is the father of the little Séréna that was heard in the bar. In front of the judges he took the defense of his companion. "If she wanted to hurt her, she would have killed her." Report by Catherine Fournier to read here.


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