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The (very) juicy school support business


Lylia and Thayss, 12 and 13 years, focus on their French exercises, under the watchful professions of Marie-France Michelle. In the next room, alone on the board, Béatrice, fighting in others for a factoring exercise. Between the two, a little out of the box in an elegant design, Erwann, 5th in a nearby college, he muscles his work methods with Richard Befayt, the coach of this brand new structure.

Philippe Coléon, the director of Acadomia, is proud to present his latest baby, a "learning space" in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), which looks like a newcomer's incubator. up, these antilles where young shots of the economy leave time to fly on their own. "There is a place between school and home where you can go à la carte, just to study quietly, work confidently, do homework alone or with others," says the former ad, who made his company number one supervisor in France.

Drifa, 46, Erwann's mother, was immediately abducted. The hostess alone raises his child. She only earns 1200 euros, but has finally made a big victim: pay 70 euros a month so his son can attend the site. "At home he is tempted to play the console, and then I'm too much on my back, where he can work calmly, while being supervised by a good professional. It's not long since it's there but the results already feel and it calms down. "


Returning to attract new customers, this is the challenge of Acadomia, which already follows more than 100,000 students for a turnover of approximately 150 million. Strategically located at the crossing of several schools, the middle class in Clichy is the second of its kind.

The first was opened with a big pump last year, in the seventeenth arrondissement in Paris. On the front you will find the other offers in capital letters: "private lessons", "courses in small groups", "courses during the holidays" … All comes in a lot of material. Inès, before joining the study room, had already done an internship to "upgrade to mathematics", the most requested material. That was what led the parents to register him.


Philippe Coléon, the director of Acadomia, criticizes the platforms for promoting black work, a plague in the sector. / LP / Olivier Arandel

According to the research company Xerfi, school support today weighs almost 2 billion euros in France. It is the largest European market, far ahead of Germany. And it should continue until 2020, the institution predicts. But only 350 million euros fall in pockets of private organizations, such as Acadomia, Completude or Cours Legendre. Where is the rest? Mostly in the OTC market, ie between individuals. A segment that debut in a few years new digital actors like Clevermate or MyMentor.

The established operators encountered start-ups

These start-up companies shake up the support landscape and force existing operators to rethink their strategy. Complétude has put a foot in childcare with the creation of Kinougarde, Cours Legendre has decided to expand its offer to perform competitions, as for Acadomia, it invests more and more in school support for young athletes.

After signing a partnership with the French Handball Association, AJ Auxerre Training Center and Mulhouse Sim Club, Philippe Coléon prepares to open a "school" at the beginning of the next school year. in Lyon with basketball player Tony Parker.

In search of new sources of income, these companies also play the quality card against their new competitors. The most prominent Superprof has set up its headquarters a few subway stations from Acadomia's learning center, in a former private mansion in the elegant 8th arrondissement of Paris. In these newly renovated rooms, the average age does not exceed 30 years. We work there pretty much in the jean basket, but at a very fast pace.

Uberization of private lessons

"We are often called Uber or Airbnb school aid, other times Leboncoin private course", fun Wilfried Granier, founder of the company. The 35-year-old computer engineer's seemingly simple idea? Connect teachers and students to their platform.

On the website of private apartments on Airbnb, everyone can rate. Average price: 27 euros, which must be added 49 euros annual subscription to access the ads. Much lower than the prices for the big sector.


"We are often called Uber or Airbnb school support," said Wilfried Granier, founder of Superprof./LP/Olivier Arandel

The success is dazzling. After just five years of existence, the establishment has been established in 22 countries and has a community of nearly 4 million "teachers" in the world, two hundred times more than Acadomia! School support is top of the story but there is also education for adults in music, sports, drawing or DIY …

"What does a five-star teacher mean?"

Stéphane Duflocq, 28, has offered his services for a year at Superprof, after having done for seven years through classic ads. Determined among the best teachers, this doctor in the pharmacy is included in the closed circle of "ambassadors" of the brand. "This is because he has very positive student feedback and is very responsive. Response time to a call is very important to us," says Meryem El Ayoubi, Super Prof Marketing Manager.


His (good) opinions of his students in mathematics are worth seeing that Stephane is part of the circle of "ambassadors" of Superprof./LP/Olivier Arandel

This status allows him to easily show his chemistry classes by more than twice the average of the site, between 55 euros for one hour at a distance, via webcam, 65 euros for home service in the Paris region. Money paid directly by customers. And demand fails. "I have forty students in all, seven of them common."

The development of this system has the gift to compete. "What does a five-star teacher mean? At home there are educational counselors who are responsible for finding the best profiles for each student and that's what works," said Philippe Coléon, who also criticizes the platforms to promote the moonlight, a plague in sector.

Families for Judges

Almost the same argument is developed by the full boss. "With these websites, we do not always know who comes to you, even with the comments of the students," said Hervé Lecat, centralist who founded the company thirty years ago.

Very well established in the big cities, the specialist in this course made CV with their speakers a sales argument. Every year he also orders a customer satisfaction survey that he shows prominently on his website.

"We know that we deliver a good service and we appreciate that this is known. Our guarantee is family satisfaction," insists Hervé Lecat. In the end, those who will designate the winners of this trade war.

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