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Aldi: Comprehensive discovery in Gemüse: Customer finds equals

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A customer of the discounts giant Aldi South is now in shock with an absolute disgust fund. In one picture, the woman documents their fund.

Munich – With a truly disgusting fund, a customer of Aldi South is shocking. On the official Facebook page of the Discounters, the customer discloses an image of a strange and inviting object. The unintentional "allowance" may have been lost underneath your discounter giant's Butter Butter Mice. In more precise terms, the customer should then go past the appetite.

Horror Fund in Aldi Buttermice: Kundin publishes photo by Ekel-Fund

It's just a small, seemingly brown thing that a customer obviously holds on a handkerchief in front of the camera. But the same fund made the customer a Aldi-Süd subsidiary prepared in their Essen. Who explains this horrible woman on the official Facebook page of the Discounters, there are also similar mucus patterns calculated in butter buttermice previously purchased at Aldi South. “So was found in the Buttermice of Aldi! Disgusting! ”Says the woman of her involuntarily found" allowance ".

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Discounter Aldi South responds to warnings – customer of "Beilage" horrified

It was exactly what it was doing to the undefinable brown substance, it remains unclear in the Facebook post. Shortly after your complaint, the discount giant then reports to you yourself. "Thank you so much for informing us directly about the non-related piece in the Buttermice. We would like to get your info as soon as possible for testing and further our quality department and to disseminate it to the suppliers, ”Aldi Süd explains under the public photo.

Ekel-Fund bei Aldi: Unclear, was Frau found in Buttermeg

An annoyed customer can also report your fund via a contact form. Whether the Ekel-Fund was actually in the Buttermuse and if it had acted exactly at the sneaky whiff at all, would be a mystery.

In one Aldi Nord product, a voluntary "allowance" was accidentally added. Because of metal pieces, the product must be recalled even now. Also with one product of Edeka there is a health hazard. In this "Good & Favorable" sausage by Edeka, consumers should look more closely at the ingredients.

At Norma, a special burger from Nestlé should expand its offer. Dabei will not process any meat.

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