Thursday , May 13 2021

Chess championship: Fourth draw between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana

The fourth game in the World Chess Championship was disappointing everywhere and ended in a fourth draw. The duel between defender Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA) is thus open. Before the second day of rest on Wednesday it is 2: 2 in London.

Carlsen, who played with the white stones, started the English opening and the two major champions followed a Caruanas match this year against Wesley So. Carlsen then went back in eleventh turn but the expected death offensive could not occur.

Therefore, Carlsen did not succeed in putting his opponent under pressure. Instead, the world champion took his turret from f1 to e1 without any obvious reason. It followed the exchange of some figures and then the fourth game ended without serious odds for one of the two after 34 moves with the draw.

Carlsen crowned himself as the second youngest world champion in history at the age of 22 in 2013 and has twice successfully defended his title. He leads the world's ranking since 2011, Caruana is behind it in second place and won in March at the Berlin championship tournament against seven opponents.

The prize money for the event scheduled for November 28 is 1 million euros. Playing is a maximum of twelve matches with regular time to think. In the event of a tie after the twelfth match, as at the World Cup 2016 between Carlsen and Russian Sergei Karjakin, a tiebreaker with reduced playing time will be played.

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