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From: 16.11.2018 14:05

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The VW customer was originally given a Tiguan II as a replacement for a Tiguan I – that was what the court decided.

Defeat for VW customers before Hamburg's higher regional court: The judges have announced that they will reject the trial of a 77-year-old scandal victim of diesel. Then the man from Geesthacht will not get a new Tiguan II for his 2015 Tiguan in the first series from a Hamburger Volkswagen dealer.

Just before the diesel scandal bought

When Horst Bartsch learned about the group's diesel manipulation three years ago, he realized that the Tiguan I just bought was worth a fraction of the time. Mostly, that his car could be shut down, the customer originally had the software retrofitted, but was then annoyed by a higher consumption. He went to court to get a new car from the dealer.

Judge Rapporteur Elke Spanner in Hamburg-Harburg District Court © NDR

Diesel scandal: Higher Regional Court for comparison

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VW is going to give 77 year-olds a new Tiguan model because of the diesel scandal. But the higher regional court sees it differently. NDR 90,3 Reporrin Every Spanner reports.

New model would be much more expensive

The problem: Since all tigers were rigged their series, VW can not deliver a new car in this series as a replacement. Although there is now Tiguan II, but it is much more expensive and has so many innovations that it is considered another vehicle. Nevertheless, Bartsch had surprisingly successful this march in the district court: The Chamber decided that VW would only deliver him Tiguan II, if Tiguan I no longer exists.



Hamburg Journal

15.03.2018 19:30

Hamburg Journal

Volkswagen lost a trial in the diesel scandal. The Hamburg district court has decided that a Hamburg customer must get a new car.
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The Court sees comparison as a solution

The Higher Regional Court, however, looks different: The chairman said on Friday that the Senate will reject the trial. He appealed to VW and Bartsch to make a solution within four weeks. Both sides will try this, but they still want a judgment. VW, to deter other applicants. And Bartsch, to go to the federal court.

More information

Up to 3000 euros for diesel customers: VW announces a "mobility offer". A financial contribution to retrofit is not excluded, the entire cost already. (08.11.2018)

In the diesel scandal, a car purchaser in front of the Hamburg District Court won a process against VW. Volkswagen Hamburg needs to change a car for a new car due to incorrect emissions. (03.15.2018)

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