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dm takes very specific products from the range – Rossmann, however, remains steadfast

The pharmacy dm has taken a number of products with a popular drug from the range. Competitor Rossmann sells them but for now.

"Unfortunately, the product could not be found", dm customers currently receive this answer if they are looking for products with the active ingredient CBD in the online shop. The pharmacy giant has taken all items with the hemp fabric from the range. Competitor Rossmann runs in terms of CBD products, but so far another line.

dm takes products out of the assortment: the pharmacy chain declares decision

CBD products have become more and more popular in recent months. Both as drops for oral use as well as an additive, for example in bath salts. However, the legal status of CBD remains especially open as food.

Dm has now taken this fact into consideration: "The legal classification of the articles is not yet finalized. In coordination with the responsible authorities we decided to withdraw CBD products indefinitely," explained CEO Bem LebensMittelzeitung.

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dm takes out CBD products Assortment – Sales is gray area

From a purely legal point of view, sales of CBD products are currently a gray area. Although sold, they are not yet declared legal. The European Union put CBD on the list of & # 39; new foods & # 39; in early January. Products on this list still need to be tested.

Therefore, the Federal Consumer Protection and Food Safety Authority also writes to CBD: "From BVL's point of view, products must first be submitted for marketing authorization or a requirement for a new food for products containing CBD before marketing. In connection with these procedures, the safety of the product must be demonstrated by the applicant. "

Rossmann remains loyal to CBD products – but there is a change

However, the DM competitor Rossmann could not be intimidated by the gray area. At Rossmann you can still find CBD products, such as oils or chewing gum in the range. According to a report by hemp magazine also with Rossmann a change: It is no longer pointed to oral intake.

Instead, it is recommended to drip the oil on a pad several times a day. With this step, Rossmann could play it safe should a ban come as food for the CBD. A far more drastic step had to be taken by a Bavarian company for children's products: It had to recall finger-painted colors.

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