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"Farmer is looking for a wife": Matthias visits – he is afraid of this faux pas – Panorama

"Farmer seeking wife" at RTL: Matthias and Tayisiya visit – before this faux passport, Matthias is terribly afraid

on 12.11.2018 kl. 22:19 o'clock

Matthias has Taya and Yana to visit. (We also have difficulty saying who is who)

Matthias has Taya and Yana to visit. (We also have difficulty saying who is who)

Photo: RTL

You are the murderer of this year's "The farmer is looking for a wife"-Staffel: peasant Matthias (23) from Bavaria and his Tayisiya (21) from Dortmund.

But after Monday night it will be for a farmer Matthias really exciting. Tayisiya Get visits from home. Of course, a difficult test for the farmers of love. Especially if it's still the twin sister of the loved one who visited the farm.

Farmers are looking for a wife: twin sister Yana visits

Gemini sister Yana (21) is one of the closest acquaintances to professional tennis players Tayisiya and in her opinion of farmer Matthias she adds a lot of value.


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Sure, that Matthias Mighty nervous before the first meeting is: "It would be very bad if Taya twin sister finds me completely crazy."

Fear of confusion

And a legitimate fear has the 23-year-old: "I just hope I do not misunderstand her, that would be crazy."

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Fortunately, Sister Yana can quickly take care of the nervous farmer. When she turns to Matthias, she says, "Taya has just told me good things about you. You look very happy too. Very cute! And as a couple you look beautiful!"

Grill in the evening

This went down to the happy farmer like oil. In the evening, he also organized a really good barbecue. also Matthias& # 39; Uncle Bernhardt, also at & # 39;The farmer is looking for a wife"Meanwhile, he was invited to his Annett.

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He, in turn, had more problems with keeping the twin sisters apart from his nephew: "I think I'm seeing double. Am I already full or what?"

Uncle Bernhardt asks his Annett to try with him

Drunk with happiness maybe … For Bernhardt He asked his Annett a very important issue in the episode. After self-lubricating bread with heart-shaped salami, he asked his Annett: "Shall we try it together?"

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Annetts Response: A kiss. He probably says more than a thousand words.

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