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Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: After the break, Heidi lets her feel free

Heidi Klum and friend Tom Kaulitz reunited.
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Finally they are back! "Germany's next top model" boss Heidi Kum (45) and friend Tom Kaulitz (29) could look after theirs separation embrace now again. Until Heidi Klum was last engaged in filming for his Pro7 casting, GNTMTom also seemed to hurry up at work. After all, his band announced Tokyo Hotel recently for 2019 a tour entitled "Melancholic Paradise" on.

Heidi Klum gives his feelings free fabric

And the pain of separation was apparently so great at least Heidi Klum even publicly released her feelings on her Instagram account and released a very thick "I miss you" post with heart emoji. Almost heartrending. Just two weeks later, Tom Kaulitz returns to Heidi's Instagram account. Until then, it was quite equipped with nude facts. Even a nude photo was found under the pictures,

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum celebrate reunion with a dance

Heidi and Tom celebrated their meeting with some dance, as a shortcut on the photo and video portal Instagram shows. Partially tightly joined, the model and the guitar cling to each other, benefits kisses, laughs and then swirl through the room. Finally, Heidi jumps to her Tom. The 29-year-old catches her darling and gives her a kiss. Much more publicly expressed love would almost be harmed.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz soon on "Let's Dance"?

Heidi fans love their spontaneous dance performance. "You're magic", "It's so nice to see that there's still true love." and "God, how sweet they are," they comment on the Instagram image. Several fans have a very special proposal for Tom and Heidi. They ask the two to attend the dance show "Let's Dance". But they should carefully train something for that …

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