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How did the accident around Ingo Kantorek happen?


Updated August 17, 2019, 11:06 AM

"Cologne 50667" actor Ingo Kantorek and his wife Susana have died in a serious car accident. Police are now reporting on the accident and what causes could have led to the drama. Meanwhile, stars are mourning the loss of their colleague.

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Driving into a rest area, Ingo Kantoreks (44) and his wife Susana (48) got into a car. The vehicle crashed into a semi-trailer. Katorek died at the scene of the accident, his wife died a few hours later in the hospital.

Police described to "Bild" the alleged accident. According to Chief Commissioner Yvonne Schächtele, the pickup was driven into the parking lot above the delay line and then suddenly left the track.

Police portray accident that happens – micro-sleep as possible cause

He touched a concrete wall and threw it toward the truck. The vehicle was completely destroyed. The truck was parked properly so the driver is not to blame, so the police.

The exact accident is currently being investigated. The accident could have been caused by excessive speed or micro-sleep. At the wheel stood Kantorek's wife.

Just a short time before the accident, the actor reported with an Instagram video of his car saying to his followers, "Still, 700, I think, ready …" – meant the number of miles to goal Kantorek never reached.

Stars mourn their colleague

Friends and colleagues mourn the "Cologne 50667" star. Natascha Ochsenknecht posts a picture of the deceased couple expressing their grief:

Actress Luise-Isabella Matejczyk, who played with Kantorek in "Cologne 50667", writes on Facebook:

Singer and pianist Susan Albers is stunned by the loss.

On Instagram "Cologne 50667" says colleague Dennis Hamer von Kantorek goodbye.

Ingo Kantorek and his wife Susana combined love for cars and motorcycles. (Mam)

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