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iPad Pro 2018 disassembled: fewer sources of error and surprise in pen

A look in the iPad Pro 2018 shows that the newest Apple tablet is probably easier to repair than its predecessor. However, in the survey of the new Apple Pencil, it is a little surprise: the pen incorporates hardware that can make new gestures possible in the future.

IPad Pro was completely disassembled by repair professionals

As was the case after the release of new hardware, the iFixit specialists now embraced the new iPad Pro 2018 and, with a careful look at their internal features, have verified how well the device can be repaired. As the tests detect, it is still very difficult to distinguish the disc's display from the house due to the extensive use of glue. A "strange leadership" of the flat cable made the removal more difficult.
iFixit iPad Pro 2018 and Apple PencilSomething better to fix: iPad Pro 2018
Inside, the specialists enjoy the removal of the motherboard as usual, first of all, the fact that Apple in iPad Pro 2018 in the batteries clearly resembles easily removable adhesive strips. But the fact that the engineers do not want to eliminate the use of additional glue in some places must be "speechless", according to the tests. The built-in speakers come to the conclusion that these "were never intended for expansion" – a repair here is probably difficult.

IFixit praises the change to the port on iPad Pro 2018. Apple stands in contrast to previous iPads here on a completely modular component that is not damaged by the board. The possibility of exchanging this part regardless of the motherboard is a "real profit" when it comes to repairability. In addition, removing the home button a "common source of error" away. With 3 out of 10 points, the score for the iPad Pro 2018 shows one better than its predecessor.

The pen can do more

In order to get to the new features of the new Apple Pencil, experts need to use an ultrasound cutter – repairs are therefore excluded due to lack of access points. Inside, to the surprise of the tester, there is a very large capacitive sensor wound around the entire pen. At the moment, Apple should register with entries, the hardware does in principle, but also more complex gestures possible.

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Apple iPad, iPad, Apple iPad Pro, iPad Pro 2018, Apple Pencil
Apple iPad, iPad, Apple iPad Pro, iPad Pro 2018, Apple Pencil

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