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Lidl, Aldi, Edeka, Penny: Discounter heating price fight and

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Aldi Against Lidl – Here's the new Preiskampf der Discounter

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Germany's Discounter is experiencing a bitter fight for the price of freedom Germany's Discounter is experiencing a bitter fight for the price of freedom

Germany's Discounter is experiencing a bitter fight for the price of freedom

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Aldi, Lidl and Co. argue with advertising posters, which is cheaper. At the center of the conflict: the brand-article strategy of the discounter. In the shop, customers are able to detect the consequences.

Wis it cheaper: Aldi or Lidl? In the past few months, once again, a bitter conflict between the Arrivals broke out. Not only fought with special offers, but also with strong sayings. Then also get the other big grocery store back and get your fat away.

Aggressive aims are especially Lidl. The Neckarsulm discounter lives in several large cities, sticking posters in which he faces the competition front. "Lidl is paying. IF others are expensive "," Expensive would be EDEKAdent "or" So favorable, then turn the PENNY twice, "the consumers could read.

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However, the contestants do not prefer to sit side by side. Aldi celebrated in return only a few days later in a digital campaign as the "inventor of favor". Under the Edeka Reich Discounter Net did you find in a newspaper article about the allegedly small selection at Lidl – with the motto "Do you want a Lidl bit more selection? Then go to Net! ”.

However, these lengthy sayings cannot be mistaken for the fact that it is for everyone involved. The trigger for the current dispute is the retail expert Matthias Queck von Retailytics, the analyst group of the "Lebensmittel Zeitung", in the decision by Aldi, to find more brand articles in the offer.

Aldis Brand Article Strategy

The following was followed: "Aldi obviously would also like to conquer the pricing value of the branded items, the level and all other affordable items", according to the industry expert. So far, Aldi has only taken on this role in his own trademarks, and the trademark articles would have given Lidl and others the tone.

"Since Aldi has always offered more branded articles, many have moved here." Then Aldi is under pressure. For a long time, the company was the unpublished number in the discounter industry. Yet, for years, Lidl narrows the gap to the arch and is able to close in on the heels.

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Who does the "Next Level Burger" compare to Beyond Meat?

Lidl doesn't think so either, Aldi also overlooked the brand's leadership role. By contrast: "Our aim is to emphasize our leadership and position in the retail trade as a first-rate discounter with branded products," the companies emphasize.

This has further aroused the aforementioned rivalry. Bot Aldi and the 1.25-liter bottle of Coca-Cola from its double range in the special offer for 79 instead of 99 cents, so they sold Lidl for 77 cents and Aldi had to look. For a total purchase value of 40 euros, Gab Aldi South gives customers a 20 percent discount on all baked goods, so Lidl offered a 25 percent discount and, as a prerequisite, made the purchase of at least five breads, croissants or other baked goods.

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"National Emergency"

For their campaigns, the Billiganbidder digs deep into the Tasche. Lidl, according to the advertising monitor of the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" and the market researcher Nielsen spent nearly 185 million euros for advertising in the first half, which is 13 percent more than the same period of the previous year. Aldi even increased its advertising spending by more than 50 percent to just under € 92 million.

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But who really benefits the consumer from the discounter's rivalry? The estimation of mercury is seriously honored. "To speak of the greatest price war of all time, would certainly be exaggerated. This discount is focused on some branded products, ”says the industry expert. The largest part of the discount range is pictured but still before our own brands, and there is no basic trend yet recognizable, somewhere in the opposite. "Insofar as it is questionable, whether under strike really benefits consumers. They save a little bit on the action merchandise, but they can possibly pay for the total purchase, ”says Queck.

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