Friday , October 22 2021

"Lindenstraße": ARD interrupts the cult series – Inventors crazy at stations


ARD Program Manager Volker Herres said they had made this decision "not easy". "Lindenstraße" is an icon on German TV that has accompanied the audience for decades.

"It is a reflection of history and development of our Republic." And she has made striking accents. The audience's interest and the "inevitable tightening" are not consistent with the production cost of the series, he motivated the decision to the end.

Until the end of the series 2020 there should be "still many interesting consequences and a brilliant final", announced men at the same time.

Respect and thanks go to the inventor "Lindenstraße", Hans W. Geißendörfer, who wrote television history, his successor Hana Geißendörfer and all contributors.

The inventor Geißendörfer is banned

But Hans W. Geißendörfer does not seem to be misled by these words. He is angry with the sender. Across the portal "" said the 77-year-old: the series was for political and social commitment, for freedom of expression, democracy, equal rights for all and integration. This is more important than ever, especially in times of highness and xenophobia.

He continued: "We are upset and can only express our lack of understanding that ARD obviously sees it as nothing but their mission to continue the series, whose core is to represent this attitude."

The Kults series ran weekly on December 8, 1985 at ARD, telling the fate and stories of the inhabitants of the eponymous fictional Munich "Lindenstraße".

Fans bothered by decision

The fans on the "Lindenstraße" reacted bitterly disappointed to the series. On the Facebook page of the show they made their dissatisfaction in many comments air. Officially announced the ARD decision was there with these words: "These are the sadest news we have ever had to tell you: Lindenstraße will not continue."

One user criticized: "Although grades can not be as anyone imagines, such a crazy show that couples many generations for decades, you can not just settle!" "Lindenstraße" had always gone over time, no social issue was taboo, she stressed.

A spectator demanded: "Please do not stop – it's CULT!" A fan arose: "shocked, sad, stunned, I can not imagine Sunday without Lindenstraße!" Also, the reduction reasons that ARD gave as a reason many users did not apply in their comments.

"Lindenstraße" is being built in Cologne

Hundreds of actors and tens of thousands of extras have been up to now, including Til Schweiger. The exterior view of "Lindenstraße" is 150 meters long and is located on the WDR bases of Cologne-Bocklemünd. For shooting, 100,000 supplies are always available.

WDR TV director Jörg Schönenborn said, "As much as farewell hurts, but all parties can be very proud, because they have done with" Lindenstraße ", which has succeeded in any other German series: for generations in the middle of people's everyday lives to map important social and political issues. "

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