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Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria? Mega transfer approaching – Spectacular detail leaked

FC Bayern Munich continue to look for reinforcements in the offensive. Is Philippe Coutinho coming? The transfer apparently only depends on a Personalie.

  • FC Bayern Munich are interested in Philippe Coutinho from FC Barcelona.
  • The Brazilian is being traded as a possible alternative after injury to Leroy Sané.
  • Apparently Paris St. Germain his turn – their superstar Neymar would like to return to Barcelona.
  • FC Bayern Munich apparently have a loan Coutinhos in mind.
  • Update from August 15th at. 12:26: If the transfer hammer between PSG and Barcelona for a change of mega star Neymar burst, FC Bayern Munich apparently have the best chances of engagement from Arctic technician Phillippe Coutinho.

    The Brazilian could probably imagine the move to the Bavarian capital very well. Such kicker from the environment that Coutinhos wants to know, he is currently dealing exclusively with PSG and just Bavaria. That the world star with a move to FC Bayern and can imagine him is quite a spectacular detail.

    Everything should be clear in the next few days. Because Barcelona and Paris are likely to announce a swap deal soon. Bayern will not necessarily keep their fingers crossed.

    Finally, Niko Kovac is still striving for wide in the team. In addition to newcomer Ivan Perisic, Mario Mandzukic will return to Isar. Coutinho would be in the middle offensive midfield a more than perfect successor of the detained to Madrid James Rodriguez and a technically obsessed alternative to Leon Goretzka.

    Transfer from Philippe Coutinho: Could Bavaria pay its mega salary? That would be a record

    Update from August 14, 7.05 clock: Is there a mega deal with FC Barcelona? FC Bayern Munich look forward to Philippe Coutinho while the champions are hoping for a loan from the Brazilian. However, the deal is complicated because: Coutinhos club Barcelona are hoping for a return from Paris Neymar, apparently a barter with the two Brazilians is conceivable. For this, the Catalans have to transfer a large sum – it is rumored to be between 60 and 80 million euros. If the deal goes out, Coutinho is away from the market.

    If not – which would hardly surprise in this eternal transfer summer – then the former Liverpool player in Bavaria would be a possibility. So it all depends on Neymar. On Tuesday, FC Barcelona officials traveled to the French capital to negotiate. A problem for Bayern in Coutinho-Poker: The first salary! At Barca, the 27-year-old earned the information picture about 13 million euros net. Top earning at FCB is currently Robert Lewandowski with 16 million euros – but gross. A Timo Werner would probably want something cheaper. And a Leroy Sané?

    Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria: interest confirmed – Is it the transfer hammer?

    Update from August 13th at. 16:05: According to Sergio Sole, Barca reporter for the Spanish sports magazine Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona wants to share ways with Philippe Coutinho. That said, last-minute talks with Tottenham Hotspur failed last week because Coutinho refused to accept a loan. The confirmed brine at Cloud.

    However, as FC Barcelona have a unique attack following the signing of Antoine Griezmann, even without the 27-year-old, the Catalans are forcing a transfer from the former Liverpool player. According to Sole, there are only two options: a move to Paris St. Germain or FC Bayern Munich. the South German newspaper even a spokesman for FC Barcelona has now confirmed that Bayern have officially registered interest in Coutinho.

    Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria? The Barcelona star likely has only two options

    Where's the Brazilian going? English clubs cannot sign players during this transfer period, a change in Spain seems to be ruled out. "Bayern can be an interesting opportunity for Coutinho," says Sole.

    But now it must wait if Barca does not need a mega deal with Paris St. Germain. According to the French newspaper Le Parisien FC Barcelona have also pledged 60 to 80 million euros for a Neymar transfer beyond Coutinho (see below). Apparently, discussions are already underway in this regard.

    According to Spanish media, Barca's sports director Eric Abidal and two other club officials traveled to Paris on Tuesday to discuss the return of Neymar. However, FC Bayern continue to Timo Werner of RB Leipzig and a midfielder from Borussia Mönchengladbach off, also could possibly be an ex-player of Liverpool interesting for Munich. How do you rate the work of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic? Vote!

    Will Bayern win Philippe Coutinho? Lending is obviously conceivable

    Update from August 13th at. 12:23: FC Bayern Munich have apparently received a first rejection in the recruitment of Philippe Coutinho from FC Barcelona. The Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo writes that neither the Catalans nor the players themselves want to get involved in the Munich offer.

    It is also said that FC Bayern can provide an improved offer until the transfer is over. Although Munich have sealed the transfer of Ivan Perisic, they are still looking for reinforcements for the offensive. As was the case with James Rodriguez, Bayern are hovering loudly Mundo Deportivo a loan transaction over two years followed by a voluntary purchase option.

    Niko Kovac is also likely to hear about the latest transfer trend at the press conference before the Hertha game, which we will accompany in the live ticker for you.

    Will Philippe Coutinho switch to Bavaria? He wanted to be free, but …

    Update from August 13th at. 10:35: How are FC Bayern Munich transfer plans going? Until September 2nd, it is still possible to sign up for new players. It had long been emphasized that there is still plenty of time until the day of the deadline – but it goes with each passing day.

    With Ivan Perisic, you have at least one new offensive player for sure. Who else is coming? Philippe Coutinho is considered a hot candidate in Bavaria, but the competition has it all: How Le Parisien FC Barcelona may involve the former Liverpool player in a deal to bring back PSG superstar Neymar. According to Coutinho to Paris St. In Germain's shift, Neymar returns in return to Catalonia.

    In addition, Paris still receives a nice sum between 60 and 80 million euros. At FC Bayern is another model in the conversation – a free loan from Coutinho with a call option. In addition, Munich would have to pay Brazilian wages of eleven million euros. With Timo Werner, FCB has another hot offensive iron in the fire.

    Coutinho to Bavaria? Kovac responds to inquiry: "I do the following …"

    Update from August 12, 19.06 clock: After months of turmoil over Leroy Sané, FC Bayern Munich could now move very quickly – but Manchester City's wings play the leading role.

    After Ivan Perisic, whose transfer was bagged Monday, Philippe Coutinho could now switch to Säbener Straße. According to information from tz at least a change is not immediately ruled out. It was different in the past – and it could give fans hope.

    Especially with Leon Bailey, Bayern vehemently rejected a transfer. At Coutinho, at least from FC Barcelona, ​​there is already a willingness to divorce the player. Are the Bayers already negotiating with Brazilian advisers? Coach Niko Kovac walked away from a request: "I do the following: The coach will not talk about it anymore, but the sports director."

    Transfer from Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria already fixed? FC Barcelona with a clear signal

    Update from August 12th at. 16:45: Is Bavaria now equal to double? For months nothing had happened on the Säbener road, in the end only many names were discussed. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic took a long time on the first offensive transfer during the summer holidays.

    At Ivan Perisic this is now fixed. The Croat is already on a doctor's check in Munich. For a long time, it was Leroy Sané whose cruciate ligament injury enabled the Bayers to improvise – so they also switched to FC Barcelona?

    Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria? Transfer could happen very quickly

    Apparently already. The interest in Philippe Coutinho should be greater than originally thought. Apparently, FCB is already preparing to transfer. Because: The Catalans should be ready to lend Coutinho to Munich.

    Tweeted the Brazilian journalist Bruno Andrade, who for example Goal and DAZN acts as an expert. According to Coutinho would be awarded free to Munich, the Bavarians apparently only pay the salary of the former Liverpool star. This amounts to eleven million euros. As Andrade goes on, Munich is in talks with Coutinho's advisers. There should even be a purchase option – around the amount that the journalist does not reveal.

    Timo Werner could be interesting again. However, the Bayern bosses should be under criticism, at least one player adviser says.

    In the first round of the DFB Cup, FC Bayern Munich will meet Energie Cottbus on Monday evening, August 12. You can watch the game live ticker by follow.

    Philippe Coutinho in focus for FC Bayern? Recordmaster apparently makes contact

    Update from August 12th at. 12:00: How hot is the flirtation between the record master and Phillipe Coutinho really? So far, it has only been reported that FC Bayern are observing the developments around the staff of Philippe Coutinho at FC Barcelona. But it has not yet come into contact with the Munich side.

    But now Bavaria is first asked with his current employer about him, writes "mundodeportivo". The record master apparently wanted to know under what conditions the Catalans would accept a transfer. Further details are not mentioned in the report.

    However, the Spanish newspaper also writes that FC Bayern Munich must decide before 25 August, then close the transfer window. That is not correct. FCB could buy until September 2nd.

    However, the fix should be the transfer of Ivan Perisic, who is probably now in the weeks to the medical checkup.

    Coutinho to Bayern Munich? Allegedly still no contact

    Update from August 8th at. 19:26: Following the report from Spain that Bavaria is closely watching the situation with Philippe Coutinho, there is now a statement: How Cloud Citing information from the consultancy environment for the reported player, there is so far no contact between FCB and Coutinho. In principle, a transfer could not be excluded.

    Would Coutinho match the type of player to FCB? His advantage: He is relatively variable in the offensive.

    First review from August 8: Coutinho to Bavaria? Rumors emerge

    Munich – Bavaria Munich continues to look for reinforcements for the offensive. Many candidates are already on the market: for example, Antoine Griezmann, who ended after a long game in FC Barcelona.

    Munich have chosen Manchester City's Leroy Sané as the chosen player. He may have injured his knee badly. Therefore, take Bavaria away from a transfer? Finally, those in charge recently stressed that they want a player to help the Kovac elf right away. Injury is also the key word in FCB training camp: Jerome Boateng had to be treated.

    Video: Transfers? Müller calls for patience

    Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria? Possible replacement transfer for damaged Leroy Sané

    To return to Griezmann again: In Catalonia he now has many gifted teammates. Could one of them possibly qualify as Sané replacement for FC Bayern? If you believe in a rumor from Spain, then you are actually thinking of Philippe Coutinho in Säbener Straße!

    This is reported by the portal Sport. The Brazilian recently joined Tottenham Hotspur, but the deal appears to be over. In addition, Premier League clubs are only allowed to sign players this Thursday. In the future, probably only questions about buyers from other European top leagues. Juventus Turin is also traded as a potential buyer. There, Coutinho could then make a dangerous South American duo with Paulo Dybala.

    Philippe Coutinho or Leroy Sané? FC Bayern is apparently trading with Barca-Star

    He should have a price tag, probably based on Sanés – before his injury. 150 million euros would be a first brand. So expensive was the quick left winger in January 2018 when he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona. There, the 27-year-old undoubtedly belongs to the regular staff, in his first season he completed 54 missions in all competitions. His quota is not that exciting for a world-class offensive player in a world-class team: Coutinho scores eleven goals and five assists.

    Whether Bavaria interferes in transfer poker? The alternatives Hakim Ziyech and Steven Bergwijn would be significantly cheaper. It remains exciting in transfer poker.


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