Tuesday , May 11 2021

Real-time chess with variant leakage | TIME ONLINE

English so! Magnus Carlsen trying a new opening to finally hand over "Fabi", as Caruana is now called by him in London at the press conferences. English, this is the double step in the male runner as the first move in White, 1st c2 – c4. A fairly quiet way to start a chess game, less compulsive than a pull of the lady's peasant or even with the king's peasant, but therefore not poisonous. It's called English because English champion once started it.

Well have chess Not only this long-wavy, patching past, it also has the present and its own global suddenness. On Tuesday morning, about half past seven, a multi-minute video will be released online to promote the challenger, shot in the summer in a training camp in a villa of American billionaire and chess champion Rex Sinquefield. One sees Fabiano Caruana with an undamaged nailed beard in sumptuous rooms. Sometimes sitting concentrated at the table, sometimes chatting with friends, sometimes sliding chess pieces. Even with a shirtless basketball he shows himself a greeting to Norway where Magnus Carlsen likes playing the muscles.

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You can also see his coach Rustam Kasimdzhanov, respected by chess players around the world for his apparently inexhaustible ability to elaborate new dangerous opening variants.

One passant is to see a chessbook, which is about the 2016 World Cup match Karjakin against Carlsen, and with a camera hood through the colorful training landscape, you get a computer screen in the picture. Even the most trained chess fan can recognize this: his idol not only comes for printed material, he also knows how to use the electronics for his own purposes.

Everything good and good, but only someone has stopped the video, and see and see: On screen you can see what variants the challenger is doing. You can see Russian defense games, Grünfeld and also the orthodox queen's gambit, played in the second round of London Actually got on the board.

Quick screenshot is made, and even faster makes it its way around the world. It's not good that the video disappears from the network after about an hour.

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