Wednesday , March 3 2021

Red-Green-Red loses the majority in the city council in Dresden

Banging in Dresden City Council. The existing majority of left, green and SPD are passes. The reason for this is the dismissal of three city councils from the SPD group. Thomas Blümel, Peter Bartels and Christian Bösl turn their backs against their old colleagues and together with the free city council Jan Kaboth form a new Citizens Group.

It was a long-term process, says Thomas Blümel MDR Sachsen, especially regarding the cooperation of the SPD parliamentary group's own meeting since Christian Avenarius resigned as CEO. So you did not agree with how to handle other fractions outside the majority. The new faction's concern is now breaking up the split in the city council and again to allow some normality to gather and listen, so Blümel.

According to Thomas Blümel, the founding of the parliamentary group, already registered with Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP), means that there is no longer a majority that can "steer through". The previous majority, according to his opinion, no longer listened to the concerns of other groups

The municipalities are reaping criticism for their step in the left-wing: "Three city councils who have lost SPD's confidence are now, after they have not been appointed as the city council, suddenly making a vendetta against their own party, behind our city it is irresponsible, says CEO Thomas Feske:

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