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Say no !: Konstantin Wecker sings anti-fascist songs


Konstantin Wecker is a left system critic. The songwriter is very concerned about the emergence of right parties in Europe. Now he has played an album of anti-fascist songs. He does not think it is pointless to move the right to review.


November 17, 2018, 6:00 PM
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Even at the age of 71, Konstantin Wecker is not tired of advocating a better world. Recently, the singer in Berlin performed at the great demonstration of the Alliance #Unteilbar for an open and free society.

Not only since the parades on the right-hand stage in Chemnitz, the domestic Munich warned of the danger of the team. Now he has recorded a new album with many older songs. "Say no! Antifaschist Lieder 1978 to today "said and should encourage fellow human beings and encourage them.

"There are so many songs on my CD that fit in horribly with today's times. Even then, I had an idea of ​​the threat. But I could never have imagined it would be taken into account in this way," said Wecker from the German Press Office .

Autoritarian governments such as Hungary or Poland and the strengthening of parties such as AFD or in Austria are favored by the "neoliberal" economic system and the apparent imbalance between rich and poor, "Wecker said.

The parties are also guilty of compassion. "A society can also live with ten percent of D. But when the other parties encounter AfD's problems, they get a weight they do not actually have," says Wecker.

Wecker is "afraid to die" how democracy and xenophobia has broken new ground in Europe in recent years. "It is incomprehensible how this thought, which has proved to be the dumbest, the most terrible and most unfortunate, can experience such an increase," he muscles. "How can you be as stupid as being a neos Nazi?" Even his mother had said to him: "The Neo Nazis are even stupid than the Nazis at that time. They must know how it turned out."

When Alarmer talks about his parents, he comes in raptures. Both were pacifists and anti-fascists. His father, an opera singer, refused military service during World War II and survived miraculously, according to his son.

His mother had given him in his time drug abuse in the 90s as the only contraindications. "But mom said hard to my face, how crazy I look. I'll never forget her radiant expression at my second deprivation in Stadelheim – and her opinion:" My God, I'm glad they arrested you. "Sade he in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung one and a half years ago. Without detention he would never have gone out of the drug cycle, the alarm clock is safe.

His late father's fortune at the age of fifty also helped him abandon his former macho position. His acute criticism of the system has been maintained by Wecker in the age. In his assessment of the people, however, he had become milder. "My understanding of the fate of people has become much bigger than before. It's also because I see how many mistakes I've made myself and my own failure could experience over and over again, says Gradern:" Age is taking more youthful self-esteem. "

But his humility has its limits: he has no obligation to make AFD voters or right-wingers think or rethink their concerts. "It would be completely pointless to perform with my songs at an AFD party conference," Wecker explains, "neither is art of art. The task of art is to encourage them with the same longing."

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