Friday , April 23 2021

Shoe care manufacturer expects more resellers to die – Press Augsburg | News for Augsburg and Bavarian Swabia

The shoemaker manufacturer Collonil expects a sharper reseller who dies in the shoe industry in Germany. "In the next five years, the number of specialty stores may halve again," said Frank Becker, partner of Collonil's parent company Salzenbrodt, "World on Sunday". There were about 11,000 stores in Germany ten years ago, but today there are about 4,000. "And I do not see the end of this dramatic decline for a long time yet," said Becker. Street Carnival, via dt news agency

Especially in the Middle East, but also on the outskirts of the big cities, more classic stores would disappear. The fact that shoes are bought more and more over the Internet is currently a problem for Collonil. "But we are about to find new distribution channels," continues Becker. His company plans new so-called "Collonil service points". "It's a kind of shoeshine service," explained Becker. About comparable to laundry rooms. "People can submit or send their shoes to our partners, and then get them updated," said Becker. Target audience are people who have some time or simply do not feel like cleaning or grooming shoes. "We are currently targeting service providers and certifying them," says Becker. In the stores, corresponding care products should be sold. The starting point is Berlin with partner Re-Shoe in the district of Moabit.

After that, Colinil plans additional service points in Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. Collonil also wants to go shopping for sneakers. "For four or five years, the sale of sneakers in Germany and Europe explodes," said Becker. First, this was completely undermined and considered a temporary way.

"We now know that there is much more than that," continues Becker. Collonil has developed its own care series for sneakers. In the near future, the label will launch its own sneaker, designed by Hikmet Sugoer, one of the sneak experts in Germany.

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