Friday , October 22 2021

Spahn demands vote on UN migration pact | TIME ONLINE


The candidate for the presidency of the CDU party, Jens Spahn, is calling for a vote at the CDU federal party convention to deal with the UN controversial refugee pact and does not rule out a postponement of the signature. "All citizens' questions are on the table and answered, otherwise we'll get into politics quickly," Spahn said Picture on Sunday, "If needed, sign up later."

Spahn pointed out that there was an intensive discussion in the Union's Migration Pact Group. This should be "as open at the CDU Party Congress" in December.

The Federal Minister of Health's Health Ministers strongly criticized the federal government's handling of the United Nations Migration Pact so far: "Because we did not actively participate in the discussion, we had the impression that we had something to hide and the pact was a shame." The lack of transparency promotes distrust. This was already clear during the debate on the transatlantic trade agreement TTIP. The covenant adopted by the UN Member States aims to help better organize air and migration and adopted at a summit in Morocco in December.

Spahn wants to discuss with AfD voters

Spahn made his party responsible for the success of AfD. "That AFD is now in 16 national parliaments and the Covenant, is also up to us," he said Picture on Sunday, it CDU may be "the only party offering the AfD voter distribution program".

In the election as a CDU chairman, he wanted to go specifically to places with many AFD voters and discuss with them, Spahn said. "We are talking about AFD voters far too often here in political Berlin instead of them, and instead, I want to offer an open, objective discussion and convince them."

On the other hand, Spahn excludes coalitions with AFD at provincial or federal level: "There can not be any cooperation for us with a party that supports anti-Semitism and racism in its joints, supports Russian autocrats, likes nationality and wants less Europe."

Spahn counts with the former Union faction, Friedrich Merz and CDU Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer lead the prominent candidates for the presidency party. Chancellor Angela Merkel's successor at CDU's boss will be elected in December at a party congress in Hamburg.

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