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Warframe: Fortuna 2.0 – Pacifistram and Heists come this year

Eidolon's been yesterday. For the Orb fighting in Orb Vallis, the Warframe developer has considered something special.Eidolon's been yesterday. For the Orb fighting in Orb Vallis, the Warframe developer has considered something special.

True to the motto "After the addition is before the addition" In the 119th Devstream to Warframe, the developer Digital Extremes has presented a truck of new information, which we break down here for you.

So you can in the open world of Venus later this year Start robbery, build a special Warframe, and also use new game mechanics. All of this is what Digital Extreme calls Part 2 of the major Fortuna update for Warframe, as the studio was recently released.

Fortuna 2.0 with heists in line with Oceans 11

If you visit the open world of Orb Vallis on Venus and have also conducted the new battle against Solaris resistance fighters, you will be more than once one of "Orb", you excuse the ignorant sorting, giant spiders have seen. They are currently harmless and die instead of attacking you.

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In the fight against these, it is most important for the team to differ from the clashes with Eidolons on Earth. To ensure that you will be Heistern: To attack Orbs, you have to do raider as the studio says should focus on movies like Oceans 11.

Later this year you can record it with four-legged orbs.Later this year you can record it with four-legged orbs.

In particular, the confrontations with orbs must put more emphasis on the cooperative aspect of Warframe as well Include lower level playersWhile you could only do something against Eidolons on earth as a veteran, beginners should be useful in the robberies.

New Warframe: Baruuk Pacifisten

When the bloodshed Garuda appeared with Fortuna, the next new Warframe would come in December: Baruuk. He, according to Digital Extremes, is playing quite differently than any previous fighting. Instead of injuring or batting the team members, he will try and even harm To prevent fighting,

Baruks abilities are designed to prevent fighting.Baruks abilities are designed to prevent fighting.

Without fighting, you will not develop much in a game like Warframe. In some way, you must come to experience points. And even Baruuk is probably not a pure pacifist: The developer already suggested it as the nicest person overflowing have. And according to the motto of Patrick Rothfuss, author of the work of "The Wise Men of Fear," one should beware of the wrath of a good person.

Mods and sets for your companions

So far you have been able to survive animal companion with different modes that use their life energies, shields and armor from your Warframe. Particularly with fighting suits with rather less health, but it helps a little.

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In the future, you will also be able to use Enhanced Vitality mode at Moas and Kubrows. But you have to decide: improved health or the well-known link modes? You can not use both at once.

The helminth charger also gets a whole special opposition which improves its unique but rarely used abilities. The voltage set consists of the following modifications:

  • Set bonus: Helminth Charger generates bix to X cysts over a period of X seconds, blows every X seconds and spills a maggot.
  • Strain Infection (Melee): +% critical damage for each cultured cyst.
  • Strain Consume (Warframe): Dead maggots within a certain area restore X health points.
  • Stem fever (Helminth): Each cyst increases the damage by X% and lets your helminth charger grow.
  • Stem Outbreak (Helminth): Maggots explodes at death, causing toxic injuries to nearby enemies

The next Prime Warframe will be Mesa

The developer also announced the next Prime Warframe: The Revolver Heroine Mesa will be priming next. The unveiling was not done in the developer itself, but – apparently unintentionally – with the release release release of the Free2Play game.

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It says that the players with Prime Access not only have access to Mag Prime and Chroma Prime, but also to Mesa Prime. Fans already suspected that the hero based on the wild west would be their next slightly improved version obtained.

New cosmetics and extra content

Warframe veterans know: The real endgame of co-op shooter is called Fashion FrameIn that sense, the developer is also planning new game content for the next update: Limbo has a luxurious skin that resembles Eidolons, Nidus a new helmet and operators can use six new hairstyles. The latter should also be able to use the K-Drive Hoverboard Code in the future.

Limbo Deluxe design is based on Eidolons.Limbo Deluxe design is based on Eidolons.

Similarly, the team has made modular primary weapons in the style of Kitguns, as well as more lore to Fortuna Warframe Garuda. In terms of background history, Orb Vallis will soon also have his own version of the fish statues from Eidolon's plains: So distributed in the world collector's object, which reveals some information about the world's history after the discovery.

During the review of the melee system, the developer called "Melee 3.0", you have to wait a little longer. It will only be shown next year. Then it will then together with Fortuna announce Addon Rail Jack, where you together with your friends Multi-crew spacecraft controls.

If Digital Extremes will be able to publish all planned content in Fortuna this year, the developer does not know yet.

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