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WM-Aus by Leroy Sane: Rainer Koch reveals reasons for non-nomination

Meanwhile, Leroy Sané is once again an important part of the national team. DFB Vice President Rainer Koch now revealed why he did not attend World Cup in Russia this summer.

Leroy Sané: Rainer Koch reveals the reasons for his non-nomination at the World Cup

Update from November 18, 2018: World Cup is already several months ago. Meanwhile, Leroy Sané again plays a role in the national team. In friendship with Russia, he made the important goal to 1-0. His non-nomination at the World Cup is almost forgotten. in Sport1 double pass DFB Vice President Rainer Koch said now that Sané could not participate in the tournament: "At Leroy Sane, there were internal reasons why he was not nominated. They are called to stay in. I'm not one of the leaky e- He shows a good football player he is. He is a great carrier of hope that we should invest. "

Initial Notice: Following Sané-Aus: These are the possible reasons for his non-nomination

Eppan – That Leroy Sané was not considered the last 23-man squad was the biggest surprise from the training camp in South Tyrol. The removal of Jonathan Tah, Nils Petersen and Bernd Leno was already more likely. While no words are lost on the two Leverkusen and Freiburg, the football world is pleasingly excited that Sané is not included, which sometimes remarkably commented on his non-nomination.

Hungary has won the championship and the cup with Manchester City. In October 2017 he named England's football player in the month, and at the end of the season, the youngest football player of the year. In 32 games in the Premier League, the 22-year-old scored ten goals and scored 15. An application letter to the national team can hardly look better. And yet it was not enough at the end. What are the reasons?

Was that his behavior? Was that service?

While Sané in England played opponents fiercely dizzy, the breakthrough of the DFB team lacked. In the friendly match against Brazil in Berlin, the left foot was as pale as in the preparatory match against Austria. Toni Kroos criticized the attitude of some after Brazil fired: "I expected more from everyone. If you get the opportunity in such a game, you can expect another body language. Some had a chance to show themselves, but they did not." Much Probably this statement was also in the direction of Sané.

Even in the management of ex-Schalke should have been a problem. He finished the Confed Cup last year over a roadside operation that was not absolutely necessary, making mistakes as in 2017's game against England. There Sané showed his teammates in the catacombs probably the middle finger after asking him to talk to the media, as BILD reports.

Löw is also known for the value of its internal structure and team spirit. Already at the World Cup in Brazil in Brazil, he put the worst competitors in a room. Schalke, Dortmunder and Munich were mixed and were thus "forced" to spend time together. This promoted cohesion so much that it would have been a cause of the title. In short: Who causes problems, has bad cards.

Is it just a matter of time before Sané plays?

And Loew is also keen to keep the unrest from the outside as minimal as possible. While it was on the prize for the final squad to Julian Brandt or Sané, Löw has chosen the simple solution. Nobody will complain if Brandt does not play one minute at the World Cup. It would have been wind again and again around Sané. Löw now prevents unrest with a single big storm. The vortex around Sané becomes less daily when the tournament gets closer.

In addition, the national coach has some players he trusts and also fits better into his system. Julian Draxler and Marco Reus are hot candidates for a place at the start of the river. These two players would probably have been preferred for Sané anyway. Draxler, who was more complementary than usual in Paris, was highly regarded by the DFB coach, at least since he instructed the DFB team 2017 to win the Confederation Cup.

Annoyingly, however, it is already this year that this outstanding kicker is sought, which also stands out in one-on-one. Sané is just such a type of player, but obviously no one for Löw. Not yet. Because if the left foot continues to show its performance, the national coach will no longer come around to put on the dribbling man. Since the extra class that gives Sané, he is actually indispensable.

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