Wednesday , October 27 2021

"Youth Word of the Year" is presented


The participants' favorite is "verbuggt" – for something that is mistakenly mistaken. "Glucose-containing", as a synonym for sweet, is second to none. 1.5 million votes were made. Referring to the fact that FDP and its leader Christian Lindner removed from a possible coalition with CDU and Greens after the general election in 2017, the "lindner" was in favor of the election: better than doing something bad.

Which of the ten most popular words will eventually become "Youth Word of the Year" determined by a 21-member jury. It consists of journalists, bloggers, students and a Berlin commissioner from Berlin-Kreuzberg.

In 2017 the term "I Bims" became a synonym for "I am" and "I am." In the previous online survey, "Goes Fit" was the name of something that goes well. Since 2008, a youth word is determined annually. It is frequently discussed whether the chosen word really corresponds to the language of youth. The election is a promotion of the Langenscheidt publisher.

Source: DPA

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