Wednesday , June 23 2021

Clippers – Baks 128-126 (vids) (November 11, 2018) | NBA

the Greek freak (5/11 shots, 11/17 doubles, 0/2 triples), 18 returns (14-4), 4 assists, 5 steals, 2 cuts, but a "full" appearance in defense and attack, finishes the match with 27 points and 6 mistakes at 41 "left on the parquet but his efforts were not enough for"deer"Who had the third season in regular season.

the Louis Williams, who until that time made 4/14 shots in the field, took home team's last attack and made a hard effort for 128-126, which gave victory to Clippers who had six players with a two-digit number of points and top scorer Harel (26 s.). The game went on afterwards grocery Store missed the final in the regular match for californians and then the two teams resolved their differences in the extra five minutes.

The hosts insisted on the three-pointer, with 10/21 apt tricks in the first half and 6/26 in the second half while Brooke Lopez count 20 points with 6/12 triples and 2/2 shots!

The twelve minutes: 33-24, 62-64, 89-84, 119-119 et al., 128-126 pairs.

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