Saturday , October 23 2021

Did you come to see something more … crap from Greece? – SKAI (



With the mouth opens the Greek prime minister and then started laughing unhappily – The episode was noted at the SPD conference


Alexis Tsipras wanted to deprive a German comedian at the German Social Democrats (SPD) conference in Germany on November 10, where he was a central speaker …

In the video, it A German comedian of the HEUTE show in the ZDF network approaches the Greek Prime Minister (3:35) and asks him in English: "Did you come here to see something more from Greece?"

The Greek Prime Minister stopped … unanswered by the question, and then he started smiling. He then answers by saying that he feels very comfortable to hear SPD's boss Andrea Nalees (he's next to him) speaks with such a left-hand rate that made him more comfortable at the SPD conference. The navy responds with a … hug, so the German's "frozen" humor may have brought left Syria closer to the Euro-Socialists …

German Comedy in Tsipras: Did you come to see something more … sucking from Greece?
With the mouth opens the Greek prime minister and then began to smile worryingly – the episode …
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