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Emergency aid of EUR 43.7 million from the Refugee Commission

?14/11/2018 – 16:18

Financing of the European Commission to the International Migration Organization

An additional EUR 43.7 million from the European Commission will receive emergency aid from the International Migration Organization to support Greece in refugee and, in particular, address the housing needs and protection of the most vulnerable refugee groups during the winter period.

The amount is taken from the asylum, migration and integration fund for the provision of emergency housing, which covers up to 6000 asylum seekers and refugees, to quickly create temporary accommodation facilities.

"Financing aims to provide decent housing and basic assistance and protection services to the most vulnerable immigrants in Greece, especially in the coming winter months, and to free the host structures on the Greek islands," the European Commission said.

The funding decision is added to more than 1.6 billion euros granted by the Commission from 2015 to meet the immigration challenges in Greece.

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