Thursday , May 13 2021

House: Confrontation of Government – Opposition in Debate on Constitution Review – News – News

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will soon be at the Knight in the Chamber to take on the Constitution's amendments while the other political leaders will follow.

Earlier talks had been preceded by party members where there was a strong confrontation between the government and the opposition.

"ND perceives the revision of the constitution in terms dictated by the needs of the time and is based on the country's real problems, not temporary and in part. There is no room for hypocrisy." We will all confront our responsibility. "Our proposal is not about false problems," said the rapporteur. ND Kostas Tassoulas in the Chamber of the debate on a decision on the deadline for the Committee on Review of the Constitution to submit its report.

We are confronted today, he added, with our responsibility to make the review inappropriate. We will exert all the powers we have to make a bold revision through the Greek people, he stated.

At the same time, he accused the government and prime minister Alexis Tsipras of hypocrisy and perceived the constitution as an interpretative surprise.

For its part, the government's rapporteur majority Nikos Paraskevopoulos noted that in SYRIZA's proposal you will find no arrangements, cutting and sewing. Overall, the proposals on everyone's rights, the country in general, are democracy in general. "

He also said that "SYRIZA's proposal contains proposals that even carry voting rights to serve timeless values, rule of law and democracy," said Paraskevopoulos, who made the proposal to SYRIZA, saying that "the constitution it is not a sudden agreement of wisdom, but that arises through the struggle of the people and through the best social contrasts ".

Loverdos v SYRIZA: It is not possible for the majority to speak for referendums

"The review will be meaningful, will only be communicated with the citizens' interest if he turns his subjects when he treats them as an economically active citizen, as a citizen interested in politics and politics, like a man in trouble and generally with all the dimensions of Greece in 2018, "said the Democratic counterpart, Speaker Andreas Loverdos, pointing to the DISY audit line.

Regarding the content of the draft review, Mr Loverdos pointed out that the citizen is interested in political stability and must "find the right solution so that the four-year political constitutional cycle is a constitutional literal rather than the rule of prematurity for a probably national topic." He also proposed to use the increased majority rule to create investment stability, as well as to investigate any objections to being insufficient directly from the Court's plenary. He expressed his unequivocal discrepancy and demanded that the proposal for direct election of the President of the Republic be revoked, emphasizing that it constituted the highest state factor, a political deviation.

The parliamentary spokesman of the Democratic Companion accused SYRIZA of hypocrisy, which led to the referendum, saying that it is not possible for the majority to speak for referendums when it was the one who conducted an illegal referendum and furthermore did not apply its effect.

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