Wednesday , August 4 2021

Increased pension for 150,000 policyholders

Increased pensions will receive about 100,000 employees – mainly former DEKOs or banks, but also self-employed and at the same time insured in two funds that will retire in the next 15 years – as well as about 50,000 already retired by Katrugalou's Law (12/5/2016), because of the high contributions they have paid.

According to a report by Kathimerini, the insured receive a higher pension – with a ceiling of 4,608 euros – because they have paid higher contributions than the 20%, which is the general rate.

As some workers point out, in some cases there will even be a doubling of the pension to which they are entitled. For those who are already retired, the increase in pensions in five installments is calculated until 2023, starting this year.

According to the amendment tabled by the Ministry of Labor adopted by Parliament, the final pension amount, both for young and already retired, cannot exceed the new ceiling of EUR 4,608, which corresponds to 12 times the current basic pension of 20 years of insurance.

Source of information: Daily

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