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Windows as a service; Error is operating system

Windows as a service does not work. It is obvious: Windows is not a service and it has never been. It is an operating system and does not require updates every six months. Even iOS or Android only take important updates once a year.

Microsoft released a full download for the quality of Windows 10 last night to avoid explaining what happened to the October 2018 update. The company promised not to change anything in the development process in the future. Its only real commitment was for increased openness and better communication.Windows

The huge amount of windows ecosystem

To justify the company, he said that we should look at "the big size of the windows ecosystem":

Only with Windows 10, we work to offer quality to over 700 million monthly Windows 10 active devices, over 35 million application titles with more than 175 million applications and 16 million unique hardware driver combinations.

Yes that's right. Windows is available on millions of computers and runs billions of applications. But that's why Microsoft should slow down and stop updating Windows every six months. Not to use it as an excuse for constant mistakes.

And Windows 7 supports running too many computers, with different hardware, and too many applications are installed. But Windows 7 is a version that works and does not change. Microsoft gave a stable version of hardware manufacturers and software developers and everything is good.

Of course, security updates are important. However, Microsoft could have security updates in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows before Windows as a service, and that was rarely a problem.

No one was asked about Windows as a service

No user has asked Microsoft to develop an operating system as a service. It was Microsoft's idea.

"Software as a Service" is modern. These types of services are generally on a remote platform, such as Amazon Web Services or even Microsoft Azure. Web applications, like Gmail and Facebook, are services.

An operating system running in millions of different hardware configurations can not be a service. It can not be easily updated and there will be problems with hardware, drivers, and installed applications with each update. The upgrade process is not immediate, it's a good download and it can take some time to install.

What happens if Google is breaking something in Gmail. At worst, Gmail will fall, but your computer will not let go. Million programs (or computers!) May stop working if Microsoft made a mistake with Windows.

What does Windows provide us with as a service?

What has Windows given us as a service? How many have been improved since the first release?

Certainly, Microsoft continues to add new features like Timeline and Paint 3D, but how many windows users are interested in them? Many of these new features, such as Paint 3D and Microsoft Edge updates, can be released without the need for a system upgrade.

Take a look at the features of the October 2018 update and ask yourself if they deserve all the adventures of that version.
Could not we expect another six months to try to better Microsoft this release before it was released?

"Windows as a Service" gives us some facts. We have applications that Candy Crush preinstalled on our computers, but more and more embedded ads.

Windows does not need updates every six months

Microsoft should reduce the speed. Why do not you release a new version of Windows once a year?

This is what Apple does, and Apple does not need "macOS as a service" to do it. Develop a new version of Windows every year, give it a new name and try so much more to fix as many bugs as possible. Wait until it is stable to release it to the public. If it is not yet a month delayed.

Has every version of Window as an optional free upgrade. Do not force your customers to constantly upgrade. Do not want to mislead them to install a new operating system just because they clicked "Check for Updates." If so, they will install it.

If your hardware or software does not work properly with the new version, let your customers stay in their old operating system.

Microsoft support will end at Window 7 in about one year from January 14, 2020.
After that, Windjws will upgrade 7 users to a later version of Windows or stay with Windows 7 but without security updates.

How many Window 7 users are thinking of upgrading to Window 10 but are afraid to upgrade? How many will remain in the 7 window that is not updated with security updates when it's time to choose?

The sad thing is that Microsoft has a more stable version of Window! If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise, you can use a Windows version for 30 months and get security updates all year long.

But we should be beta testers for real Microsoft customers, companies that pay for the good, stable operating system.


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