Saturday , May 15 2021

WSJ: Apple cut down production on all three new iPhone models

Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal, has sharpened the production of its three new iPhone models in September.

The big competition and the decision of tech giant to pull three devices on the market have almost made it very difficult to estimate the future demand for iPhones, so Apple has asked its suppliers to reduce the parts and parts they produce.

The IPhone XR model has been particularly problematic.

According to WSJ, Apple has had to ask its suppliers to reduce the production of XR segments by up to a third. Initially, the company had requested the construction of 70 million units between September and February.

Apple buzzed the investment world two weeks ago with subordinate forecasts for the Christmas season.

In recent weeks, several vendors have talked about cutting orders from a major customer, "photographing" Apple.

The US company started selling iPhone XS and XS Max in September. XR was launched in October.

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