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Ten years you / researchers have looked at the two sides: the mainland and the government should be treated separately | Cross-Strait | NOWnews Today's News

▲ Scholar Zhang Wuyue said that the mainland by treating the Taiwan government and the people separately, and Taiwan should treat the mainland people separately from the mainland. (Picture / Rewind Youtube)
▲ Scholar Zhang Wuyue said that the mainland by treating the Taiwan government and the people separately, and Taiwan should treat the mainland people separately from the mainland. (Picture / Rewind Youtube)

After Chinese and Chongqing governments came to power, Beijing was treated to the Taiwanese people separately from the DPP government, "tough" the DPP government and "softened" the Taiwanese people. Cross-country researcher Zhang Wuyue accepted "NOWnew's today's news. In an exclusive interview, the two sides should avoid structural changes during lack of political mutual trust. However, the mainland understands that the Taiwan government and the population should be treated separately. Taiwan should also treat mainland people separately from the mainland.

Professor Zhang Wuyue said since the crossroads opened their family in 1987, the relationship between the Taiwan Strait and the Taiwan Strait has been up and down. The negotiations between the two sides of the strait in 1991 and the negotiations between the two sides in Singapore in 1993, but of the 1995 Taiwan Strait, forced the forced negotiations to be interrupted. After the relationship was restored, the relationship was interrupted again in 1999, and it was not until 2008 that the negotiations were resumed.

From 2008 to 2016, the situation for the cross-section was relatively moderate. Looking back over the last decade, the two sides have entered the stage of "highest executives" negotiations, that is, Ma Xihui in Singapore. The two sides of the strait have also signed 23 agreements to establish institutional and normal communication.

However, in the two years since President Tsai Ing-wen, the two sides did not take political mutual trust. Therefore, the two sides of the strait have undergone major changes in defense, diplomacy, negotiations and exchanges across the straits. Taiwan has broken four countries over the past two years, which has been relatively rare in the past decade.

In the last ten years by 2016, military aircraft and ships in the mainland will not bypass Taiwan. This shows that cross-cutting relations over the past two years have undergone enormous changes in both diplomacy and national defense, and the two sides of the strait have also interrupted previous institutional negotiations. Luke and Lusheng come to Taiwan have become tighter than ever.

On the other hand, civil exchanges and investments have not changed much. Mainland is still Taiwan's largest investment destination, and Taiwan's mainland exports still account for 40% of Taiwan. It has been observed by the outside world that the proportion of Taiwanese people currently studying, employment or investing in the mainland is still growing significantly.

Zhang Wuyue believes that how to avoid the deterioration of cross-health relations must achieve "avoid error detection and crisis management". This is a high priority for both sides. Do not allow the current interconnections to undergo structural change and deterioration.

Zhang Wuyue said that the major cross-border factors in the past two years were the lack of political mutual trust between the two sides. Moreover, the existing parties' existing foundations no longer existed and no new basis for mutual trust was found to sustain them. There was also a lack of dialogue and negotiation pipeline. Therefore, any party trying to express goodwill will be in the other party's waiting and doubting, so goodwill cannot be positive. But when one of the parties has "interpreted" internally, the other party will believe that this deliberately stimulates the other party. The negative enemy spiral thus becomes deeper. The two sides should avoid this relationship continuing to worsen and even enter an irreversible kingdom. This is urgent.

Zhang Wuyue suggested how to find new political mutual trust between the two sides of the strait is a new problem. In any case, crisis management and control and "stopping and stabilizing" are key priorities.

Zhang Wuyue pointed out that Taiwan should understand that a high degree of mutual trust between the two sides of the strait can temporarily disagree, but the people on both sides of the strait should not confront and hate. As long as the peoples have no confrontation between the two sides, political differences are small problems, but if the two sides are transversal When people go to misjudgment, interconnections with transverse connections will be difficult to be optimistic.

For example, Zhang Wuyue, the mainland, currently treats the Taiwanese government and the Taiwanese people apart. Beijing is "hard" for the DPP government, but "soft" for the Taiwanese people. As for our government, he believes that the government has enough wisdom to judge. He suggested that the Tsai-English government should express more concern and goodwill to the mainland, Lu and Lusheng, and strengthen the marketing of Taiwan's existing soft power so that the people of the mainland can understand Taiwan's ideas and views and therefore look more at Taiwan. This is absolutely useful for connections with transverse connections. "We should not treat the mainland and mainland together."

Zhang Wuyue said that what kind of words are stimulating each other, expanding hatred and helpless, everyone should try to hold back. As long as the transverse connections can be stabilized as long as they can continue to maintain peace, everyone will talk more and do more so that the cross-currents have basically something to do.

Zhang Wuyue analyzed that interconnections with interconnections are primarily influenced by international and US and Chinese factors. Second, they are affected by the contrast between mutual trust and strength across the cross. Third, Taiwan's internal values ​​are also influenced by the universal values ​​of freedom, democracy and human rights. This is not the same as mainland emphasis on "nationalism, patriotism."

Zhang Wuyue said Taiwan should clearly understand that the mainland governors and the people have not yet fully seen the "western universal values" and even have negative criticisms. Taiwan does not have to fully agree with mainland policy proposals, but it is the government's fundamental responsibility to clearly understand and survive the facts of objective existence, how to secure cross-curricular relationships and to keep national security from change.

For the past two years, military aircraft on the mainland have been detoured and diplomatic diplomatic relations with the four countries. In addition, the mainland has unilateral legislation and interrupted the mechanism for negotiating cross-sections. In fact, the mainland has "unilaterally changed the status quo".

However, the mainland also believes that Taiwan also "changes the status quo" and believes that the Cai government will not recognize 92 consensus after taking a position, and the diplomatic alliance with the United States will "de-China" and that Taiwan will change the status quo .

If we add the United States, the status quo in the US, China and Taiwan is not static. They all believe that "the other side changes the status quo unilaterally." Therefore, the Cai government should use the relationship between the three straits and tripartite and not make structural changes. Wisdom solves the problem. If a party takes "inappropriate action", the current situation in the Taiwan Strait will be difficult to maintain.

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