Monday , May 17 2021

A nude football player appeared behind Cristiano Ronaldo

The young player in AC Milan has not been able to brag long after his joint picture of his supporter Cristiano Ronaldo.

A member of the Milan Primavera team Raoul Bellanova used Juventus to stay in the city on Sunday night for the AC Milan strike and after entering the game he entered the Turin dressing room to take a picture with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, who Be the leader and ready for the young player.

CR and Bellanova, in the background with nude ChielliniSource:

Bellanova, with a sparkling head, immediately uploaded the photo to her Twitter page, but it was only after the picture was taken a while when the showerGiorgio Chiellini went naked in the background.The sharp eyes immediately followed the Italian defender, so Bellanova quickly deleted the image from his community page.

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