Its full name – the Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo S E-Hybrid – is undoubtedly as vibrant as the previous king in the category, the Lamborghini Urus, but stronger than the Italian petrol bull and consumes only 3.7 liters. It is a little electric that many countries will reward in one form or another. What if it wasn't the perfect right-hander, not just for the Italian rival, but for the whole world-saving green wave.

In an exceptionally hidden invitation, Porsche recently invited me to try two new models. All that was included in the invitation was that there would be a brutal hybrid car to drive and a little "Porsche tapping" – with the first all-electric Porsche – that nothing could be written about before the model's September 4 debut.

Of course, the anonymous hybrid on the invitation card revealed that it was the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid that launched a car from the German manufacturer that currently does not have the strongest SUV in the world. Porsche seems to know who will be interested in this model because it is even stronger than the truly brutal Lamborghini Urus. The Italian bull is 650 horsepower, of course the German destroyers were made 30 horsepower. Plus, Cayenne is, as we mentioned, a hybrid, and even comes with a really sporty coupe.

This whole series of sporty coupe SUVs, the BMW X6, was launched and for a long time competitors did not follow the idea and said it was difficult to identify with what it represents. Nowadays, of course, the aversion to these not-so-practical city halls is over, as is the Audi Q8 or Mercedes GLE Coupé. Porsche is another category here. While Audi focuses on luxury and comfort, Cayenne, Porsche values ​​value for performance and delivers less on luxury and comfort. So the Porsche Cayenne Coupé is a great new addition to the circle, with its tagline trying to follow the Porsche 911, giving the big SUV a more sporty look.

Hybrid, but to whom and why?

Diesel engines have completely disappeared at Porsche, but SUV's are also going wrong here, and we have to put electric cars in big cars in order to somehow be sold to the outside world. Not to mention that countless countries – such as the green license plate in our country – reward cars capable of at least driving them all with electric propulsion.

In this sense, of course, all such support given to a 680 horsepower, 2530 pounds, five-foot, $ 60 million car is, to say the least, a huge ecological hypocrisy, but it should not be the car's fault but the legislators.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid fulfills what regulators expect in its wonderful technological way. For example, it runs lightly 32 kilometers with a clean electric drive and uses only 3.7 liters per hour. 100 kilometers on paper. At the same time, emissions can be as low as 85-90 grams / km CO2.

And the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E hybrid can, if you like, behave like a well-meaning hybrid. When we start, there is no engine noise or noise, just a sound that we can walk, sneaking silently among other very environmentally friendly drivers.

All this for the very first opportunity when we can finally unload the accelerator. The hybrid Cayenne's personality changes with a moment as the V8 comes to life: turning at 160, 200, 250 km / h in seconds. Officially, the end is 295 km / h. At a weight of 2535 kg, this super-Cayenne is at 680 horsepower and 900 Nm of 100 seconds in 100 seconds while swirling, smashing the double-dual exhaust in Sport + mode. Why a press trip should be arranged for the German Autobahn makes such a demonstration of strength that this car must show itself to the world. If someone prefers to flip 250 in front of the German "no limit" zone from inside the seat while sitting in an SUV, most sports cars have the perfect machine for this.

What technique does it serve?

The technology is the same as in Porsche Panamera's similar top-of-the-line hybrid with a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine that delivers 550 horsepower through a 136-horsepower electric motor as needed through an eight-speed engine. stage gearbox. The electric motor is backed up by a 14 kWh battery from the rear seats, so you can combine up to 40 kilometers of full electric driving. No matter where the throttle pedal is, there is always an electric reserve in the battery, and its charge never drops below 15 percent.

Since it is a hybrid and additionally an outlet, charging times are not insignificant, however much euphemism seems to be for such a car. This means that Porsche's super-hybrid can be charged from a three-phase socket in just 2.5 hours, while a 2.2 kW power outlet is fully charged in about six hours. According to the current Hungarian, highest domestic electricity price, from a hard HUF 608.

How to Porsche?

Hybrid here or there, Porsche is also 100 percent Porsche here. Top comfort, premium infotainment system, chassis, brake system, air suspension all work together to make this colossal breathtaking.

Electronics does the same thing and has the usual Porsche "tsunami abbreviation". Here, for example, is the "PTM" from Porsche Traction Management, which is responsible for getting the engine's 900 Nm of torque to some of the tire squares where it meets the tarmac. Or four-wheel corner stability control, not to mention the standard ceramic "PCCB" brake kit, which will at least stop at 280. It's a science for this safety electronics to prevent these brutal vehicles from flying off roads after 100 meters with throttle pressed all the way forward.

All in all, a car is the top of the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, with all the boxes on the extras found only in automotive technology today. You can stand in line, though advanced innovation starts at € 172,604 for the Cayenne regular body hybrid, close to $ 55 million, while the Coupé hybrid starts at € 176,293 for $ 56 million. The truth is that it is understandable that anyone can buy such a car.

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