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Damkorg: Hardened for the armor forces who pick up pictures

Sensational Development: Although Turner Yvonne was not allowed by the International Federation, Zsófia Fegyverneky returned to women's basketball team against the European Champions League against Albania.

He did everything usual for a general education: professional staff, frames, fun and laughter, but this time all eyes were on Norbert Székelys federal captain, journalists interested in listening to his chat.

In the MKOSZ Hall of Székesfehérvár, the Hungarian women team, preparing for the last two European Championships, will return to Zsófia Fegyverneky and Goree Cyesha on Wednesday. A background story related to one of them made it possible for the other team to be at their disposal.

Turner Yvonne, the American defender of Sopron Basket, has been in vain for almost two years of Hungarian citizenship, and the International Federation (FIBA) has not allowed him to play red and white in the upcoming matches. After it became apparent that the emergency scenario came into force, and the country's former emblematic figure, since the 2017 EM, only Sopron-based armed forces made the first call to the important Albanian conflict.

Because it is on the cluster, but Turner can not play, the localized location is empty. On Friday, Turkish Botas reported that his Hungarian legion, Tijana Krivacsevich, was injured, so he had to resign from the national team. For half a and a half, High Roller has shown that he has a knee problem, but his MRI test result sent to Hungary did not show any damage that would prevent his career. In addition, he played the game with Botaspor, last time he spent 27 minutes park last night at the Beroe European Cup meeting. Krivacsevics is currently in Budapest, officially doing his rehabilitation – a question why he is not in Székesfehérvár, because Zsófia Simon spends time with his fingers.

Anyway, we had to move in this position and from now on we can only do the best at American Goree Cyesha, which (like Turner) completely disagrees that local players are not important to their new home country: Early in trouble, he did not invite Norbert Székely, but he was interested in the new situation if he were to attend the show, but Goree, who was in Italy's Reyer Venezi, did not hesitate for a minute and the captain is at his disposal in Albania and Russia and fills foreign players.

Székely's success in Albania and defeat in Russia means that for a sure exit the difference between the two matches must be plus 20 for our men. The easier task is, of course, Albania's thorough superior defeat, but how is the team going forward?

"I always had the stability of the defense first, it still remains He pointed out Norbert Székely. If we can make the Albanians one by one and get balls there, it will be ziccer and easily throw on the other side: we have to play our own game. But this is just losers. We have to live together that the matter is not victory – for it to win – but how much. If we are fifty, we must win fifty, if only ten, then nine. In the fifth round, it is unlikely that we will go to the Euro, so we will treat the Albanian side with the Russians. "

So if our daughters win thirty points in Albania they can get up to ten in Russia and so on – but they do not even go to Yekaterinburg because group quality can be beat.

It may be that circumstances become more permissible in view of the outcome of the two conflicts, but in extreme cases there will be even greater positive difference based on the two matches.

Domare Barnai (PEAC-Pécs), Dubei Debora, Zsófia Fegyverneky, Bernadett Határ (all three Sopron Basket), Lívia Gereben, Virág Kiss, Ágnes Studder (all three nuclear power plants KSC Szekszárd), Goree Cyesha (Reyer Venezia), Györgyi Hegedűs-Őri (ZTE NKK), Katona Szidonia, Szabó Fanni (Both Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc), Réka Lelik (NKE-Battle), Dora Nagy, Krisztina Raksányi, Ágnes Török, Zsófia Varga (All CMB Cargo-Uni Győr)

Group C
November 17th, Saturday

17:00: Albania HUNGARY
18.00: Lithuania and Russia
Wednesday, November 21st

15:00: Russia-HUNGARY (TV: M4 Sport)
17:30: Lithuania, Albania

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