Friday , February 26 2021

England: The former Tottenham boss appears unexpectedly

The former British Premier League boss Harry Redknapp is shown in the British version of "Celeb I Save Here!"

Redknapp is ready for a three-week adventure (Photo:

The 71-year-old man will be locked in the nine-week jungle with nine British celebrities for three weeks. On November 18, the show begins in Britain, which becomes 18th. Redknapp did not look at reality before, but he really does not mean a bigger challenge for coach and manager.

"No more difficult than driving a football team when things are bad. Yours is the responsibility, while many are behind the guard. The man does not have many friends when he does not go to the team. I do not think it will be harder in the jungle."

Redknapp had previously worked at several top clubs in England, including West Ham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham and QPR. Last time, he worked last autumn as consultant at Yeovil Town, fourth grade.

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