Saturday , May 15 2021

He has two American supercomputers with a supercomputer. | hardware

Since June, the United States has been proud of the world's fastest supercomputer that can deliver over 122 petaflops per second per second per second.

Currently, no one has managed to overcome this achievement – despite the fact that the Summit's name machine has been refined in the meantime, so it has 144 pet flops – but now another supercomputer has been installed in the United States, as Sierra has come, even though it has a much weaker companion only 1.6 million processors are included compared to 2.4 million, but still they list the most powerful computers.

The two machines on the other hand are based on a very common reason and are built on IBM Power9 Tile with Nvidia Telsa V100 accelerators. The now installed Sierra has capacity for nearly 92 petaflop power, giving the former TaihuLight backgammon a third place.

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