Monday , October 18 2021

Klmn Olga continues Internet Weekly Weekly


It was not too much for Klga Olga. In almost a moment. One of the opposition days, after Hr TV was taken up by the civilian side and immediately squeezed out the brave story behind Klmn Olgt, made it a miraculous facebook page for the fallen reporter. Then he went with D. Tth Krisztin to get a cross in one of the webcasts, in a car all the way up the road and now lately: at the Jobbik Internet TV show.

This is the better internet TV that the former chief editor told me: he had the bag and he was headed by Jobbik, so his economy is also very good. As Lajos Simicska said, he would not spend any money on his own, but his employees and the little work were unchanged. Specifically, he did not read a single person with a daily life and internet television left alone.

and now this week's week is on this Jobbik Internet TV. The message is a disturbing disco, which has been out for a few weeks, to play a good ballet theater – its own song and primitive man. The actors will be the hilarious freedom and hymn of Hcip humorist Imre Para-Kovcs, a magic filmmaker and a jimmy who is totally unknown to humans and a conservative jsgr. to avoid being 7: 0 against the opposition, as it is fair to 6: 1. (Zrjelen notes: there is quite a good news in Hr TV's background, where there are three guns and heroes from the opposition including Gergely Huths intelligentsia).

Henrik Havas will also play. You can also include: You can add a Kdr system shadow, broken air, unpleasant odor or even an ostrich gel in the Kdr system (think of it, Forr Tams …), you can touch the sexually abused sexual harassment, You can say that the better has become an earlier balliberlis and you can not do it no one needs a loud tv. The core's "Tanr rn" horn, the folded man's Vona Gborrl rt shirt, became a laughing jacket. Numbers tell the story so nobody has ever had the propaganda book.

and here is Klmn Olga. As we have many times failed: he has failed in Simicska Hr TV. At the same time, Rnai Egon led the same type of chat in the ATV, and Rnai Egon was regularly more than once as Klmn Olgt. Spousal nsma was 47,000, and the number of ATVs was over 100,000. Klmbsget Klmn Olga explained for a while that he was not (ie denied) because there was no publicity for Hr TV. Then when it was, then no.

The ballnets' grips by Klmn Olga could be better than ever, and Vona Gborn and Jobbik Azta failed to make a mistake. This is also a comedian because Olga Klmn has tried to propose she was a working reporter, but it was a good idea if she did not hesitate to hire an employee, but Vona Gbort was a npszerstenie, suddenly a specialized Korean lawyer vltozott.

Olga Klmn was now in position. In Jobbik's internet television, a scary man in Henrik Havas, a gay, dazzling disco with a "message" can crush the puppy. and if you're lucky, you can get into the crap that Jobbik will take with you. Of course, not a million tracks a month, but every thousand dollars can be eradicated.

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