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March's day, habits and beliefs

The birds flailed with their gagging and flattening their wings, causing great noise to betray their hideaway.

November 11 St Martin's Day. Like every vacation, it also has its own traditions, the customs and functions of the people. Until today, many superstitions, the tradition of folk traditions are common. Nevertheless, Marton's Day is the last day before 40-day Advent Sunday, when a tasty and good snack and comfort is allowed.

According to legend, Saint Martin saw in Savaria (today's Szombathely) province of the Pannonia province in Roman Empire 316 or 317 (the exact date in question). Márton, a soldier from the Roman Emperor, in Amiens, France, on a cold winter night, gave half of his warm dress to a beggar. That night, Jesus dreamed in the form of the beggar. From here there was a turning point in Martin's life: he was in the service of God. Legends has circulated about his goodness during his lifetime, and he wanted to devote the humble missionary to the bishop.

According to the words, the deceitful Martin, sent by those sent by him, hid in the fools of fools. But the fowlers, with their gagging and flattening their wings, made a loud noise so that they betrayed Martin's hideaway. Finally, Marton was ordained bishop in 371, and until he helped the poor in Tours to 398.

November 11th in the calendar since antiquity, beginning of winter of the year when I had a big meal: they made a table on the table, they ate and drank the glasses to the bottom to make good next year.

The Romans celebrated Aesculapius, the doctor and they were slaughtered, which was the sacred warfare, Mars. The war birds once saved Rome from the guard of the night watchman.

Gåsen's Romanesque nickname, Martis Martis (Mars Godfather), with the old sophistication, became Martin's father on the Christian calendar.

Martine's Day as a preaching day

According to experience, the time for St Martin's Day was mostly time-consuming and the first snow fell. The folk tradition claims that when St Martin comes in white horse, it's on Martin's day, it will be a mild winter if there is a horse on the brown horse, it does not fall snow, then we can expect a tough snowy winter.

Márton came on a gray horse, said when the weather was mild, gray and dark, and in that case they were also winter. According to a calendar rule, on March's day, if the goose is on ice, it will sprinkle in the water at Christmas.

An additional time forecast says that if Marton is happy, winter will be tough. The Márton-day prediction is linked to a tradition of gently pulling the meat's goat's meat out of the chest, examining the stitch: when the beef's meat was white and long it was a long, snowy and cold winter. If the chest was brown and short, it was just a piece of a black Christmas, lace, pointed time.

What's called st. Martin's Wagon?

On that day, the shepherds gave a lot of comets to the farmers whom the bartenders came out to the bite and the crew. This beam was a stump of St Martin's rod. Marton's stomach was multifaceted, containing the number of branches, the pig's pigtails. In the spring, they drew the animals with this comma.

The Mårton days are celebrating

The first written report on the Márton-day goose party dates back to 1171. In ancient times, St Martin's Day was the end of the peasant year, when the annual financial work was closed and the winter support period began. The servants received their annual salary and added a goose because the birds should be cooled in summer before the winter.

On Martinsdag, the whole day was organized to eat and drink all year long. They felt the more they drank, the more strength and health they eat. In that case, the stopped goose could be cut.

In my belief, on St. Martin's Day, it feeds on a swarm, because anyone who does not eat goose on Marta Day will starve all year long. It was also common for goats to go to the priest, from the back of the animal. From here comes our bishop's wall.

Márton is the judgment of the wine – he has the belief, that is, on this day the wine must definitely be tasted.

The wine had come to fruition, when the fruit of the year had come to fruition, and the result was rejoiced by the winemakers. Márton is also known as the patron saint of new wine in the larger wine regions.

Martin today in other countries

German-speaking areas (Some parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria) organize flare-ups and lighten the Márton fires. The luminy parades were introduced only in the early nineteenth century to the church decree, the light that symbolizes good deeds for all.

Today, children are mostly involved, and at dusk they walk through the street lobbies with the lights while singing old songs by Marton. At the head of the tour, a rider wearing St Martin is usually used.

They are usually made with a show, which usually presents the story of Marton who shares his kappa. As a closing, they turn on the Márton fire and give the kids some delicacies. One of the most typical Martyn's daily presents is Weckmann, a human form of a sweet one.

Portugal This day is celebrated nationwide. Families and friends gather and eat roasted chestnuts and drink wine, jeropigan (a mixture of must and palinka) and aguapé (weak water).

It is here that, after St Martin gave half of his coat to a beggar, he continued his journey and left the other half to a poor man. In cold weather he looked forward to a long way, but for the wonders of the wonders, the sun began so strong that the frost had fallen. Because this was strange in November, it was a divine intervention.

Since then, it has been mentioned as the summer of St. Martin, when cold weather is broken by the sunshine on this day.

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