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Mayweather: My body is not like a lick like a child


2018-11-06 09:02:04 /

The legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. will join the Japanese kickbox and MMA champion Tenshin Nasukawa on December 31st. The 41-year-old professional boxer, 5-member world champion, is widely welcomed by a large number of Americans for the hard-to-choose opponent that his opponent – who otherwise fights 122-126 pounds, compared to Mayweathers 147 pounds but 21 years later than Floyd – deserves the opportunity: "We still have to agree on the weight class and the rules, but we will shorten it in the next few weeks. Nasukawa is very young, very fast, and nobody has hacked so he knows something. My body is no longer in a state like before . "

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@PeteTheGreek: What are you doing with pnzzel? You will not be happy anymore. I'm not rich, but I'm so happy who's right for him or her for me?
sooner or later he was not happy with pnz, but he needed it.

2018-11-06 18:59:44

It does not stop the competition much more but is much less than sports, nothing interesting about this.
Plne, if you're looking for millions of dollars in these games … just bend you.

2018-11-06 17:36:43

@ogreface: "It's not that big, there are other investors, not just blindfolded, but sure it's terrible if you do not have it."
But who do you invest as much as possible with the box? Those who like penny invest so fondly in the fund, but he did not get wealth from their investors. Of course, it is not quite unusual that he likes to be better or to be in the pool because he is the nigger, even the ego, and of course he is in hell. Of course, if you're in the box, you can search for more, you can do it in your own book.

2018-11-06 17:27:33

this is the one who is not happy. There is a lot of penny and milligram to find that he can be happy, even if his body cures it. looking for ways to be happy, but this is not the case with financial goods. so it should not be a pnz but should not have it.

2018-11-06 17:17:10

@superman: "It's just a lot of pots, because it's always the best hand you can give it."

It's not that big and there are other investors, not just blind, but it's certain he's terribly clumsy if he's not in the pits.

2018-11-06 16:59:16

@Phenomenal: If kuroszawa takes as many runs as Conor got married with this game 🙂

2018-11-06 16:44:48

And my body is not like a lick like a child
The campaign begins with why this match is legitimate. What's wrong with you? Will you be as legendary as Mcweather MayGregor? 🙂

2018-11-06 16:34:45

"It's only profit, it's about it. It's of course only a conspiracy, but what would a man do for such a career?"
Mayweather was very concerned about his achievements as well as his achievements, and his professional successes made this point consistent. It did not mix with RJJ and many other rabbits who could not stop it on time because they had repatriated the mass and everything else that came with the box. Mayweather just needs to look for big pies so cheese is a success. There is always a lot to do with the box, because it's always the best hand you can give it.

2018-11-06 14:53:46

It will only be much more fun if this foscirkus is taken by sports TV:

2018-11-06 14:26:14

I do not think this is the reason I'm doing it, but I'm just talking about getting her up.

2018-11-06 13:39:38

I'm getting more and more disturbed by the fact that this man is his lord despite his circuses. Somebody who goes out and works and does what they spend. Just win, r's okay. Of course, it's just a matter of course, but what would a man do for such a career?

2018-11-06 12:16:30

@leslie: It will be Remlem. Remember May does what he wants, and with who he wants, be a port, a bar or a champion, just have no official professional clerk. If you pay him np, I'll pay it, I do not care but just show it.

So does japanese src have an official pro boxing license? Is there a chance to get her out in December? I do not …

2018-11-06 11:39:19

This is not serious, will it just show you mrzzs? 🙂

2018-11-06 10:52:07

@apjoks: To get out of the box earlier
Japan is not a Tarver, and May does not consume either a big PC or a cbc for Crawford or Spence.
We have a relic: a 10-inch and 10-inch less boxbox does not really hit May today, it's a little worse not to mention a boxer, but a player without professional boxing.
If it is possible to get mr, it is much more interesting and a little more circus (but Japan is not a big spieler).

2018-11-06 10:49:55

@apjoks: The value is how much Floyd pnze has completed or not. I bet you would have missed everything. You may know that a lot of money is spent on sports games, but you know how much money you have, it's not that much. Can you tell us how Floyd is or not? Do you know that for sure?

2018-11-06 10:40:30

"There's no big deal that would not go away once."
Floyd also came to this destiny.
It's time to retire with an unprecedented career.
I'm looking at RJJs.

2018-11-06 09:49:39
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