Thursday , April 15 2021

Nearly a dozen companies were injured by convicted fraud

From almost a dozen companies, they employed a total of more than 40 million forint in internet fonts and printed and CD-based publications.

First-class defendants have been sentenced to four years in prison for a 2-year 10-month prison on Thursday by the second court in Székesfehérvár because

In 2011, almost a dozen other companies deployed more than 40 million forints for making internet phone books and print and CD-based publications.

According to the Court's announcement, they found guilty of crimes against fraudulent and fraudulent acts of robbery, fraud and the crimes of the body. The fifth word defendant was sentenced to 1 year 4 months imprisonment. The other two prosecutions found to be guilty of fake falsification attempted.

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According to the judgment

The Court acquired information of about one hundred thousand companies in 2011 and, in one case together with other respondents, founded two business companies in the name of the other defendant but did not participate in the management of the business.

Subsequently, a subscription agreement and a bill of payment were sent to the addresses purchased, and about one hundred fifty companies referred to them for more than forty million forints.

In the subscriber agreement, they undertook to publish company information as a directory and as a printed and CD-format publication. However, the web pages did not work as a directory, and the other versions were not intended to be available – read the bulletin.

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