Wednesday , June 16 2021

Népszava government's nozzle in the case of the apparatus in Gruevsky's case

In a central communication command, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs forbids something about the asylum application of Macedonian President Nikola Gruevski's Foreign Minister.

Even the Hungarian government may be embarrassed by the disappearance of his office in his home country because two years of imprisonment for former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski disappeared to Budapest. Viktor Orbá's friend himself stated that when he had "fatal threats" he asked for political asylum from the Hungarian authorities. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó just told us that we would not confirm or disprove Gruevsky's asylum application. According to Népszava, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that the case was dealt with in the central communication instructions after the news had been published, that something worthy of the question, such as abroad, by Hungarian ambassadors and diplomats, could only be answered in accordance with the request that "I can not read details ".

Gruevski seems to have come to surprise in Budapest, and this is confirmed by the fact that our government sources responded only to our request with a "no comment" and "surprise factor" as well as the postulatory postal communication strategy: because they regularly receive central instructions from Prime Minister Rogalian Antal, some of whom are explicitly "preventive", that is, they prepare the members of the device to communicate an expected event. If Gruevski predicted the Hungarian government circles, they probably knew that the case was or not, but became public and could have been prepared for it, but the statement came after the entire Hungarian media wrote that Gruevsky fled out at

On the other hand, our national security source is completely unthinkable that, if you fly from Gruevsky's prison, why do you publish where it is. wrote that the case would be a real water divider for the Hungarian government, as Gruevski is clearly a Balkan-allied by Vladimir Putin. The fact that Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin now gather their regular interministerial meetings "on regional issues" are based on Russian sources. It would not be surprising if Moscow consciously made Viktor Orbán embarrassed by revealing the case. It has already been the case that talks about Pakistani enlargement have been revealed to the secretive Hungarian party through Russian leaks, for example, when the Russians first informed Russian journalists first that the Orbán-Putin talks about this issue should have begun at all.

It is still unclear if Gruevski has a valid passport or not. Although it is said that Macedonia had already been involved, the Hungarian Orange wrote to it and requested it to be returned, including the invitation of Viktor Orbá as a motivation. However, according to a source of government, Gruevski can now move freely in Hungary as a political asylum seeker – at the moment it is excluded from being held in prison – it can also affect his home-based development and he can easily leave the country and leave an unknown place. In this case, the Hungarian authorities could even refuse asylum applications within the legitimate 30 days and then spread their arms so that they could not do anything now. "I do not even think Gruevski spends time in the castle of János Lázár" – our source is ironic.

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